February 13, 2013

This lovely little spot above our garage, is our playroom–our sanctuary during the long, cold, Utah winter months.  It is still a work in progress, but it’s a wonderful place to play, run, be silly with friends, imagine, create, and relax, which is all our four young children care about, after all.  

The highlight of the room is the beautiful hand-painted mural on the north side of the room.  Created by the phenomenal artists,  Jonnie Hartman and Hollie Dance, I wanted the mural to be something personal and familiar.  France was the obvious choice, since I was born there and spent most of my summers in the Provence region of Southern France.  My sole requirement was lavender fields, just like those covering the countryside of Provence. Otherwise, I let Jonnie have complete creative control and she used her talents to hand-draw and paint a house, the stone barn, and shutters (a must).  I trusted her artistic vision completely and was thrilled with the results.  
 photo Housetour7_zps125a60a7.jpg

 photo Housetour17_zps296a5c89.jpg
Take a peek inside and you will see where we play house, dress up, and even have an occasional sleepover.  It has three different entrances to three different rooms.  One unintended consequence, it can be hard to catch kids at bedtime.  They run in one entrance, wait for you to commit to one of the openings, and then run out another opening.  
 photo Housetour13_zps49634054.jpg
Some of our favorite playroom activities include baking cookies…
  photo Housetour9_zps30f4777a.jpg

Playing with dolls…


 photo Housetour16_zpsc315f890.jpg



Getting ready for our day…
 photo Housetour15_zps80993e0d.jpg
Getting our shopping done…
 photo Housetour12_zps4135c2e7.jpg
And relaxing and reading with friends.
 photo Housetour10_zps776c3c30.jpg
My favorite spot in the room:  a walk in closet to store and organize all the toys away and organized in clear boxes for easy access. This makes a mom’s heart happy.

 photo Housetour14_zps9b6e8842.jpg
Veronica Signature photo VeronicaSignature_zps523b2556.jpg

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  1. Vivian says:

    This room is a dream come true for any child, love the storage room and the organization.

  2. Michele Mitchell says:

    Pretty sure this is the most amazing toy room ever! Adding it to my wish list!

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