February 13, 2013

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It was the sound of his voice that first attracted Lulu.  A mysterious man on the other end of the phone, working for the same company in a different city.  They would talk tech (he was the IT help desk man at the time) and she loved listening to him speak.  So one Valentine’s night, they made an out of the office call and talked for hours, not wanting to hang up.  That was 12 years ago, and his vocal chords still make her swoon.

Eventually she transferred to his office and they started dating.  Lulu knew it was love.  She remembers the exact moment she uttered the “L” word– yep, she said it first.  He had just left her apartment to drive home.  He always called when he arrived so she knew he was safe.  And mid-conversation, she couldn’t contain her feelings anymore.  In one of those moments you pray is reciprocated she blurted out “You know I love you right?”  To her great relief, he said he loved her back.  Phew!

Their adventure together in marriage began on a February 11th.  They were married in the middle of a Philadelphia blizzard and she couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. They set out to start a family right away, but that too would prove to be an adventure– one full of heartache and in the end, joy.  Lulu suffered two miscarriages, painful test, medication, and injections.  He was always by her side– her “champion, teammate, shoulder to cry on, comforter, and source of strength.”

She wrote:  “Next to my Savior, my husband is my best friend.”

Eventually, they learned they were expecting not one, but two beautiful babies– twins!  A boy and a girl who are in her words, “totally beautiful, utterly perfect.”  Adored little nuggets, as they call them.  They have made life complete.

Commitment is what keeps them together.  The infatuation faded and their loved has evolved into something so much deeper than heart flutters.  His sense of humor eases any argument and Lulu admires his work ethic.

“It’s knowing that my husband will go to bat for me.  He will fight for me, protect me, care for me and make me laugh.”

And the very thing that started their relationship so many years ago– talking– is what keeps it going today.  Not just talking about the everyday things, but the tough stuff as well.  Listening and really understanding.  And when one conversation doesn’t solve the problem, discussing it again, and again, until they are on the same page.

“It’s important to have patience with each other while you’re trying to understand each other (he reminds me of that a lot because I’m not the most patient person),” Lulu wrote.

And when it really is love, it’s worth talking about.

Lulu is also a blogger (isn’t the blogosphere so great?)  You can find her here.  Does she have a gorgeous family, or what?

I’m loving this series.  Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment!

Lovely thoughts,

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