February 16, 2013

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Six years ago, a handsome, single, charming young stranger walked into a unfamiliar church.  The women in the ward immediately started buzzing, and Megan wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass her by.  She introduced herself, they started chatting, and she invited him to dinner.  And he shot her down.  She was a bit taken aback, but let it go.  Ten minutes later, he asked her if the offer still stood.  It did.  That was six years ago.  That was the beginning of John and Megan.

Before that dinner even ended, they had already planned their next date.  Megan was in the middle of working out some personal things and it wasn’t really the best time to start a relationship, but she also knew she couldn’t be without him.   After a terrible day, he picked her up and they just started driving.  He took her to the top of a mountain and gave her some breathing room.  It was soul healing– the open air, someone to talk to, and it didn’t hurt he was good-looking.  That night he told her he loved her and always wanted to take care of her.  She knew at that moment she was going to spend the rest of her life with John.

Different challenges have come their way, but instead of focussing on the problems, they focus on how to overcome them.  They don’t always think the same way, but they find a way to work through it.

“As long as you’re considerate and compassionate towards one another—that’s what makes all the difference,” Megan wrote.

Why have they stuck it out?  True love, plain and simple.

“Things aren’t always easy and don’t turn out like what you may see at the movies—life is hard, but it’s so much better when you have someone that you’re head over heels in love with to share your life with,” she wrote.

They love to spend their evenings at home, just the two of them, laughing and talking.  Megan says she knows it’s love because she wants to stay with him no matter what trials come their way.

And while they consider themselves “homebodies,” they recently planned an adventure to Haiti– a service trip where they helped build an orphanage there for children.  It’s one of the biggest accomplishments they’ve done together.

“We are going back this year and cannot wait to see their smiling faces.  Being able to work together, serve other people together and minister together is an amazing thing that made us so much closer in the end.  It has definitely blessed our lives more than we could ever think about blessing others.”

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John;s love for others is Megan’s favorite quality about him; his ability to see the good in everyone, his optimism, his genuine nature, and his constant thoughtfulness.  And of course, has she mentioned how darn good-looking he is?

Communication, honesty, and trust are keys to their marital success.  But they have another trick up their sleeves.

“We always try to outdo each other,” Megan wrote.  “That may seem odd, but it’s the little things that matter most.  A card under your pillow when you turn down the bed at night, a cup of coffee on the nightstand in the morning or just a simple, sweet text message throughout the day.  We believe that if you’re constantly doing something kind for your significant other and thinking how you can beat him at being ‘the most thoughtful,’ you’re always winning each other over.”

I love love loved their sweet story!  Thanks for sharing, Megan!  You can find Megan on her blog,  For All Things Lovely.

Happy weekend!  Another love story tomorrow!


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  1. Shirley Howard says:

    I love these two people ,I watched them as they got to know each other , it was ture love .I know the Lord will bless you both ,just keep looking to Him and He will never let you down ,the world will many many times but you are not of this world so allways remember that and Gods promise is that He will never leave you or for sake you and nothing can keep His love from you.

  2. I read Megan’s blog and she led me here. I love your blog! How do I submit my love story, or is it over now? I look forward to reading more from you. Would love if you would follow back! http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  3. I read Megan’s blog and she led me here. I love your blog! How do I submit my love story, or is it over now? I look forward to reading more from you. Would love if you would follow back!

    • Jen says:

      Hi Morgan! Thank you so much for reading! The submission for love stories has closed, but we’ll be doing more submissions on future topics! Check back often! xx-Jen

  4. Liz says:

    I would love to submit my love story…how can I do it? 🙂

    • Jen says:

      Hi Liz! I’m sorry, but submissions for love stories has already ended. We’ll be doing more submissions for stories on different topics each month– check back often! Thanks for reading! xx- Jen

  5. amy says:

    Love Megan’s blog and this story is adorable!
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