February 15, 2013

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Lisa was into Josh the moment she saw him.  He was dashing, and handsome, and on the first night they met…. just not into her.  “Well, that’s too bad,” she thought.

But that wasn’t the end.  A few months later, they ran into each other at a gathering with friends and it was like night and day  He was warm, engaged, and seemed to be hanging on her every word.  It seemed like a dream come true– but there was a problem.  Josh had a girlfriend.  Too bad again.

A year passed, and during a fruitless mall shopping trip, she saw him through the crowd.  And she couldn’t control herself.  She walked right up and asked him flatly if he still had a girlfriend.  He did.  She didn’t care.  She gave him her number.  And he started calling.

Call after call, and Lisa was always busy– out to dinner, or working, or on a mountain.  And then finally during a girls’ night, he called and she just couldn’t say no anymore.  “If you don’t mind hanging out with 6 girls.. come join us,” she said.  And he did.

Her friends were all beautiful, but Josh didn’t even seem to notice.  He never took his eyes off of Lisa.  It came time to take her home, and that’s when she learned he had driven her to her house in his girlfriend’s car.  The girlfriend he broke up with the moment she got back into town.  And every day and night for the next three months were spent together– Lisa and Josh.  And then they decided three months just wasn’t long enough.  They wanted forever after.  After dating for two years, they got hitched.

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As for challenges, they’ve faced almost them all. Communication, openness, honesty, trust, faith, children, finances, life and death, natural disasters… you name it.
“We have overcome them and when it was the hardest, one of us would hold it together so the other could fall apart,” Lisa wrote.  “Never have we fallen apart simultaneously.”
Their biggest accomplishment is their son.  A beautiful boy born with half a heart.  The prognosis was grim, but their faith and love remained strong.
“It both strengthened us and weakened us,” Lisa wrote.  “But making it through it, and having our son as a daily reminder is an incredible gift.”
Josh’s love of fun keeps her coming back for more.
“He always wants to make the most out of things (ie: spending ALL our money on an upgraded room on our honeymoon…) and though a lot of the times it is the wrong decision.. I know where his heart is.”
There’s no secret recipe for their love; no perfect answer as to why they’ve stuck it out all these years in spite of major bumps in the road.  Their fierce commitment to their relationship has kept them together.
“I love him more than many of the things I have had to give up or pass on to be with him,” Lisa wrote.  “I love him so much that if we were ever to separate… I’d still want to hang out with him and tell him about my day.  I love him enough that I don’t need to explain to people why, because I know why, and that is all that matters.  I love Joshua Trent.”
And I hope you all love their story as much as I do.  Love stories continue through the weekend.

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  1. Lisa says:

    HA, for the record, we dated two year before getting hitched. But that sure makes it sound more romantic and spontaneous 😉

    Thanks Jen, keep ’em coming. These are fun to read.

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