Installation of our security system with Vivint

June 21, 2018

Our security system has literally changed our lives.  It may sound trivial, but after having two separate break-ins (you can read about those in my last Vivint post), I can’t express enough how much peace of mind and comfort having our Vivint Security System has brought.  I’m excited to share with you the next part of our collaboration with Vivint.  This video breaks it all down as I explain my best tips for the installation of our security system.

video: James Young

In addition to my tips for installation, I want to share more about the process and capabilities of the system.

One of the biggest questions I had was where the cameras should go.  I had an idea of where they would be most useful, but the Vivint technician also had some great suggestions.  One thing I was surprised about is how many cameras we can have inside and outside of our home.  I needed some guidance for where the cameras should go.  I had an idea of where they would be most useful, but the Vivint technician also had some great suggestions.Inside, we have three cameras.

Outside we have three cameras (including the doorbell cam).

The system can be controlled two places: the wall panel, or our phones.  We use both every single day.


I can check up on the girls when a babysitter is there, or if we’re out of town it’s so reassuring to just pull the cameras up on our phones and see that everything is just fine.  The system is really simple to use on a daily basis.  In the next installment of this collaboration, I’m sharing how we use our system everyday.

If you’re thinking of getting a security system, I’m so thrilled to share Vivint is giving an amazing discount to withHEART readers– $70 off a new system.  It’s the lowest discount you’ll find anywhere.  You can click HERE to be connected or you can call the toll free line set up specifically for my readers:  844-366-1008.

*this collaboration is sponsored by Vivint, however all opinions and experiences are my own.

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