#projectmodernfamily Entry Reveal

June 14, 2018

I recently shared on the ‘gram the importance of a solid entry.  An entry is one of my most favorite spaces to decorate.  Why?  Get it right, and your guests will be wowed and amazed upon entering your home.  Get it wrong, and they’ll be saying “I’ll just wait here” when you answer the door, rather than stepping right in.  And entry is the first impression and sets the tone for the rest of your home.  Today I’m thrilled to share the entry at one of my favorite clients’ homes: #projectmodernfamily.

Before we launch into the entry, be sure to check out the family room in case you missed it!  It’s a must see.

This home sort of has three entry spaces we needed to address: When you first walk in, there is a look near the stairs, then a space for an entry console piece, then down the hall there’s another space for a second console design.  I gave each place equal importance but different purposes.

Signature Zip Front Pillow | Moroccan Fringe Pillow | Brushstroke Plaid Pillow | Woven Throw

Planter | Bench (to the trade)

The space near the stairs was begging for a bench, some pretty Stagg Design pillows, and a planter to immediately breathe some life into the home.  It’s ideal for guests to take off shoes, rest for a moment, and also makes the home feel inviting and comfortable.

Directly across from the bench we put a dresser.  I love a dresser in an entry for several reasons: they make great console tables, and also they are additional storage in an unexpected place.  Need somewhere to store the remote for the blinds or the fan or the keys to the mailbox?  Bam.  Entry dresser.  Also works well as a “need-to-hide-all-the-crap-because-we-have-guests-coming” spot.  Come on, you know you need that!

Dresser (purchased locally) | Artwork | Gnome

Heading down the hall into the main living spaces, this spot was just begging for a big ‘ol mirror and a second console table.  Luckily, I snagged me a big strong guy who can balance one such mirror while I tell him the exact spot to hang it.


Mirror | Table (to the trade) | Letterboard 

So so many good spaces left in this gorgeous home to share.  Can’t wait to show you more!

Cheers to the weekend!

*photos by Veronica Reeve

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