May 6, 2013

Birthing a child takes a lot of sacrifice.  Megan Bailey learned with each of her pregnancies, her body was not her own.  It was a vessel.  It was a ship carrying her two baby boys through development and into the world.  9 pounders.  In her barely 5 foot frame.  Miracles indeed.
With her first pregnancy, Megan was stressed.  She was working a full time day job and was working on building her own business.  The second time around, she made the commitment to breathe, eat better, go to prenatal yoga, and just enjoy it more.  And it paid off.  She couldn’t believe the difference between the two pregnancies.

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Her first baby was a scheduled C-section, and that was the plan for this baby boy as well.  Instead of waiting for her water to break, Megan and her husband threw a night before the birth party with family and friends.  The next morning, they arrived at 6:30, ready to welcome the newest member of their family.
An hour later, they walked hand in hand to the operating room and the surgery got under way.

 photo megan1_zps9b669993.jpg

“It is so crazy and amazing all at once because you can’t see anything you can just feel pressure and hear sounds,” she said.  “There is no pain and the anticipation is even more strong the second time around because I knew any moment, I would hear my baby cry and my world would be forever changed.”

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That moment came at 7:48am.  Baby Bennett Bailey instantly stole his mother’s heart from his first little cry.  She had to wait to hold him, but once she did, it was all over.  Megan was head over hills.  “Bennie” was perfect.

 photo megan6_zpsa9f3e151.jpg

“I couldn’t stop staring at him and kissing him. This perfect little bundle was mine forever and I was so grateful to be his mommy.”

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Becoming a mother is surely a sacrifice, but Megan says it is worth every moment of pain.  It has changed her for the better.  It has taught her to be a better person, and about unconditional love.  It has tested her patience, but everything she gave up has given her something in return.
“I would give the world for them and would go through even more sacrifice and pain any day for them.”
And now, she gets to comfort and nurture and care for two precious little boys who she believes know how much they are loved.

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“My little Bennie, there are no words to describe how special you are to me and the special bond that we share. You have such a sweet personality and everyone who is around you instantly falls in love with you. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. I promise to love you forever and ever and make sure you feel that love every day of your life. My life wouldn’t be complete with out you. Don’t ever give up on our dreams and try to live your life to the fullest. Thank you for loving me back. xo, Mommy.”

You can read more from gorgeous Megan on her blog, Sweet Little Peanut.

Each new life is such a gift, and in this month of Mother’s Day, I love reminding myself of that.

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