October 30, 2013

 photo CORALpic6_zpsa6d0e5fa.jpg

Coral is one of the most versatile decorative accents you can own.  Use it on a shelf, stack it on some books, put it in a tray on your coffee table, your nightstand, you get the idea.  It can come with a steep price tag (or criminal charges in some states if you snag some off a beach), so when I spotted a giant piece at a thrift store for $20, I snatched it right up.

The next week, I was at an estate sale and spotted a smaller piece for $10 and bought it as well.  Both pieces were in good condition, but quite dirty.  They were coated in dust and they were dingy rather than a clean white.  You can’t get the dust and dirt off with a simple duster or rag because it’s too porous, and you certainly don’t want to use any kind of harsh cleaner on it, as it can make it brittle (and it probably wouldn’t work anyway).

 photo CORALpic4_zps413b31b9.jpg

Today I’m showing you how to clean coral.  It’s quite simple, really, if you know how to do it.  It’s easiest if you see it done, so I thought a video was in order.  Thanks to James for his mad shooting and editing skills!

Video and photos by James Young

And there you go!  Bright and white and fresh.   I have moved it around a million times already because it just goes in every space in my house.

 photo Coralpic7_zpsa6db0970.jpg

Speaking of decorative accents, here are a few that go great with the coral:

 photo coralpairings_zpsf3fd8422.jpg

1)  A great tray

2)  A fun frame

3)  Colorful and pretty books

4)  A letter or symbol

5)  An animal figurine

6)  A statement mirror

7)  A table lamp

8)  A vase

Are you ready to add coral into your home decor?

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  2. […] guys, they are AMAZING.  I’ll post about them soon.), a piece of real coral (remember my tips for washing coral), and two gold frames.   The whole lot was less than $30.  For real.  I can’t stop […]

  3. Jose says:

    Too sad I did not see this video earlier. I got rid of my dirty coral I got in Greece several years ago.

  4. Steve says:

    I have a piece of fan coral that is very dusty. It decorated an outside patio for several decades. It is also very brittle. I would like to clean it and spray it a bright color.
    Can you give me some advise on cleaning?

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