October 3, 2013

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Today’s WHAT I HOPE THEY ALWAYS KNOW feature is a truly special one.  It comes from Cori Robinson, a mother, entrepreneur, blogger, and fashion designer.  Cori and her family recently suffered an unimaginable loss– their 5th baby, a little girl who shares my daughter’s sweet name– was stillborn.  Oh, how it pains me to even think of what they have gone through.  Today I am honored to share Cori’s sincere and heartfelt words for her little ones.

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Every morning kiss my three oldest children goodbye and send them out the door and off to the school bus.  The bus stop is right in front of our house so I watch them from the window because I have a fourth grader and it is so embarrassing if your mother stands at the bus stop with you.  Sometimes I think about the week before I sent my oldest off to kindergarten for the first time.  

I cried a lot that week; I literally couldn’t imagine having my baby gone from me all day every day.  That was four years ago.  I don’t cry anymore when I send my littles off to school, but I do sort of subconsciously hold my breath every time they leave the house for the day.  Because for seven hours the world carries them, and I know that the world can be cruel sometimes.  I hope I have prepared my children, that I have made them strong, and secure, confident enough to withstand the pressure of the world.  I hope that I have taught them to think for themselves, even if it means they aren’t the teacher’s favorite, to understand right from wrong even if it means they aren’t always popular, to work hard, and to never give up.  And really when I look at the magnificent little people I have the pleasure of raising, I think I have.  I know that they know I love them.  I can see it in their calm self-assurance, in their confidence, in the way they roll their eyes when I kiss them but still let me do it.  But most of all, what I hope that they always know is how important it is to be kind. 

This summer we lost a baby.  Our 5th child, a tiny little stillborn baby girl we named Ruby.  It was a sad, sad thing that forever changed the dynamic of our family; that I could see changed my children.  There is a kindness in them now that comes only from understanding true grief.   And while it breaks my heart that they’ve had to live that reality, and at such a young age, I hope that they always remember this very sad time that it leaves a mark of compassion on their hearts and that above all they remember to “…be kind.  For everyone you meet is fight a battle you know nothing about.” -Plato

Thank you, Cori, for putting things into perspective.  You can read more from Cori (and shop her amazing line) here.

I hope this little post has helped shape your Thursday in a positive and more compassionate way.


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