January 13, 2014

Hello everyone!  I can’t believe another weekend has passed.  I need it to be longer!  We launched into our kitchen remodel and the room is a disaster.  Hopefully we can make the most of our evenings this week (and hopefully Jon’s work load won’t be too crazy) and we can plow through the painting.

I’ve received a lot of questions about the teepee in Ruby’s playroom.

playroom 1

It’s such a special part of the room not only because it’s her absolute favorite hideout/hangout, but it was also made for her by her grandma and that makes it extra special.  My mother-in-law is a wonderful seamstress and said she wanted to make Ruby a teepee for Christmas.  I was thrilled at the idea and together we went shopping for fabric.

We used this pattern for the teepee.  There are a few patterns out there, but we thought it offered exactly what we were looking for.  It was for a large teepee, and I loved the beads around the top.  You have to look past the 80’s pink fabric.  I wanted something really modern, gender-neutral, and custom, and the pattern allowed us to make it exactly that.  The first task was fabric.

We headed to Home Fabrics, my first stop for all of my projects.  I almost always find something great for a steal.  The prices for the quality just can’t be beat, but you have to hit it on a good day because the best stuff doesn’t last.  On the day we went, we found exactly what I had in mind.  The gray and white leaf pattern was so beautiful and it was a heavy cotton linen, which would lay beautifully and hold up well.  It was just over $8 a yard.  Holla!

Next, I found some white linen for the door, and some simple and sweet white poms for above the door.  Grandma got to work sewing, and had it ready to go on Christmas Eve!  We were all so excited to set it up.  (forgive the poor photos for this part.  It was dark and we didn’t want to turn on any lights.  Santa must have night vision goggles!)

teepee 3

The poles are sprinkler pipes.  We spray painted them white so they were nice and bright and clean.  To hold the teepee in place, you need to drill holes into the pipes, then connect them together with a ribbon.  We found these beautiful bright colored beads at JoAnn’s that matched the rest of the room perfectly and threaded two in-between each pole.

teepee 4 teepee 5

It took all three of us to get it all in place.  I put this beautiful and cozy rug underneath it, and then filled it with different color velvet pillows and a couple of the tribal inspired IKEA pillows and it is honestly one of the most comfortable spots in the house.  (The dream-catcher was a DIY.  Tutorial coming soon!)




Christmas morning, the teepee was a huge hit.  The first thing Ruby did when she entered the room was run into it.  What a neat part of the room that Ruby loves (and I hope possible future siblings will love as well!).

teepee 2

I’m all for making things, but if sewing a teepee isn’t really your thing, here are a few of my favorite already made teepees:

1)  This one is so light and airy and beautiful.

2)  I just love this one so much!  It feels like a real indian teepee.

3)  Love the patterns available for this one.  And it’s a great price.

4)  How cute is the door on this one?

5)  And if you want one a little more girly

Have a great start to the week!

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  1. BreAnn says:

    Such a cute Teepee love the fabric!

  2. ann says:

    this is so perfect! i’ve been searching for a template for a diy tent and this fits the bill. my m will adore. and your teepee is precious! thank you for sharing!

  3. […] Ruby’s playroom design, I spotted this dreamcatcher and thought it would  be perfect for her teepee.  But before I ordered it, I came across this kit to make one and figured why not?  I could […]

  4. Maria says:

    Hello, the teepee is beautiful as well as the room!!!
    How big it turned out?

  5. Kathryn says:

    About how much did it cost to make the tee pee. My hubby and I want to make one of these too!

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