Client Reveal: Playful Multi-purpose Room

April 8, 2015

Thanks for allowing me some time to settle in with our new addition.  With construction really picking up at the #staggreno and Jon going back to work this week, I’ve been figuring out this whole two-child-newborn-toddler navigation thing.  I have a lot ready to share– the trick is figuring out a time to blog:)

In the two weeks leading up to the baby, I finished up two client installs including this “playful multi-purpose room” aka a laundry/office/craft/sewing/homework room.  If it sounds like a lot to put in one space, you’re right.  But with a little planning, we were able to make this room feel cohesive and most importantly, suit my dear client’s needs.

Her home is new construction and luckily I started with a great canvas because she has great taste.  Her home is a modern farmhouse and the room was already white with beautiful wood floors and tall ceilings.   She already had the cabinetry in place, but little else.  Adding some color and personality was at the top of her wishlist.  I mean, a dream to work with, this one.

This is the initial design board I came up with:

melissa office playroom

A few ideas for the space:  My client is really crafty and talented so she was up for some DIY.  I sent her some art ideas and she ran with them.  Here is how the room all came together:

2015-03-14 12.50.59 2015-03-14 12.54.29 2015-03-14 12.53.10 2015-03-14 12.53.31 2015-03-14 12.53.43 2015-03-14 12.54.12 2015-03-14 12.48.31 2015-03-14 12.48.50 2015-03-14 12.49.18  2015-03-14 12.51.11 2015-03-14 12.51.29 2015-03-14 12.51.49 2015-03-14 12.52.11 2015-03-14 12.52.18 2015-03-14 12.42.42  2015-03-14 12.44.08 2015-03-14 12.44.33 2015-03-14 12.45.06

Pretty adorable, right?  I love how it turned out!  Ok, so let’s break it all down.

Here are a few of the sources for products (I usually don’t share all products for client projects, as that’s what they pay me for:):

Rug | Chairs | Lamp | Mirror | Whale Dish

Now, let’s talk about the DIY in the space (there’s a lot!).

The craft table is a DIY.  I originally selected one already made, but to save money, we decided a DIY was in order.  This one is two IKEA shelves with a table top.  Pretty brilliant.

Next up, artwork.  I found some pretty art online and my client is really crafty and talented.  She whipped up a large scale piece inspired by the examples I sent her and I think it turned out great!

I had a fun idea for a way to display her kids’ artwork: thrifted wood frames, painted in bright colors, with wire pulled across it to hang the art using clothes pins.  Again, she ran with it and I think it turned out so cute.

Also, the chalkboard magnet wall was something I thought would make the spot under the long window a fun addition for her young children.

I ordered some pretty designer fabric (Avondale Floral in Night Garden by F. Schumacher) and she sewed both the sink skirt and the throw pillow.

We had planned to order fabric for the drapes but I saw my sweet friend, Kristen, from Hunted Interior, had a brilliant DIY for some great black and white drapes I knew would be perfect for the space.  Again, my client followed Kristen’s tutorial and made them herself.

The shelves above the computer are from IKEA and she painted them.

Finally, we needed some storage for the laundry baskets, which we added a ledge to hold them up and create a sort of basket shelving unit.  We also used marble contact paper to cover some partial board for a countertop look on top of the washer and dryer.  It really does look like marble!

Dream client for sure.   Can’t wait to help her with the next space.

More client reveals coming up as well as a whole lotta progress on the house coming soon.


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  1. Gorgeous! I’d love to have a large stylish space like this to work in

  2. Erika says:

    Any idea what the wood floors are? I love them!

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  4. Lara says:

    I’d also love to know where the floors are from. ?? They are gorgeous.

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