Cleaning Out Old Insulation (video)

April 8, 2015

We knew our new/old house had some issues.  We knew it had been neglected and vacant for nearly a decade.  We thought we were prepared for any and all grossness involved with the aforementioned issues.  However, nothing, I repeat nothing, could have prepared us for what we found lurking above our heads, hidden above the ceilings: a squirrel condominium complex to rival all other infestations.  Cue the Psycho music…

IMG_0881 IMG_0882

The quality of the photos isn’t the greatest because poor Jon was crawling through complete darkness in the attic but there is no mistaking what you’re seeing– thousands of pinecones (and who knows what else).  I shudder to think how many generations of rodents have made happy homes up there.  The overgrown trees were concealing much more than the house– they were hiding several large holes in the soffit and fascia along the rain gutter.  They were access points for the squirrels to get inside the attic.

Once we discovered just how large the problem was, we knew it had to be dealt with.  Can you imagine if we just sealed it back up and didn’t properly clean it out?  Gag.

We knew it was going to be expensive so we, naturally, researched how to clean out old insulation ourselves.  Enter the insulation vacuum and a video that shows you just how nasty it was:

Video/Editing: James Young

Boy, are we glad to have all of that over with! We definitely saved ourselves money, but in the end it sucked so bad (get it?) Jon said it might have been worth hiring it out.

And our squirrel neighbors seem to angrily shake their tiny fists at Jon every time they see him. Sorry rodents, you’ve been evicted!


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