Valentine’s at the Stagg Reno

February 8, 2020

This post is from our Stagg Design project archives and originally posted in February 2019. We hope it gives you inspiration and some tips for tackling that next project! xx- Team Stagg

Valentine’s isn’t just for lovers, in my opinion.  It’s just about love.  And sweets.  And flowers.  And fun.  But let’s not forget the sweets.  While Valentine’s isn’t the biggest holiday of the year, we have our traditions.  In today’s Heart of the Home Podcast episode, I’m sharing what we do to celebrate Valentine’s at the Stagg Reno.  Here on the blog, I’m sharing our girls’ Valentines for this year, and our favorite family sugar cookie recipe.  But first, let’s start with one of my favorite traditions: photos of the girls for their Valentines.

I started this tradition the first year Ruby passed out class Valentines.  I was so obsessed with the photos and the idea that her classmates would see who was giving them a Valentine, it has since become a tradition.  This year, our Valentines were Unicorn themed so naturally the girls needed to wear unicorn horns.  It was a must, amiright?  I bought this unicorn horn headband first and once I realized there was no way they were going to share it, I picked up the other two at TJ Maxx.  Their darling dresses were such a steal (Anna and Vivie’s Dresses, Ruby’s Dress).  I love when I can find all three of their sizes in the same dress.  I will make them match as long as I can, thankyouverymuch.

For the Valentines, our talented team member, Katie, took a (uni)corny saying I made up (see what I did there?) and turned it into these amazing Valentines!  I printed them off at Kinkos in a 4×6 size, printed the photos in the same size at Costco, got some jelly beans and little plastic unicorns and bam.  The perfect little girl Valentines.

If you want to make them too, we’re giving you the Free Unicorn Valentine Printable!

Ok, now on to our family’s sugar cookies.  Every year my mother-in-law spends days lovingly baking, decorating, beautifully packaging, then delivering the most amazing sugar cookies to every one of her seven children’s families.  It is so treasured, and this year is a bummer because she is sick and isn’t planning to bake them.  So, I’m planning to bake some instead and deliver them to her and my parents.  I know there are a lot of great sugar cookie recipes floating around, but this is our family’s favorite.

Here’s the Valentine’s DIY Garland we talked about in today’s episode.  So simple and fun for the kids!

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated for dessert come love day, try this Chocolate Custard.  It’s one of our favorites and so decadent!

And don’t forget to listen to today’s Heart of the Home episode!

We wish you the loveliest of lover’s days!  Now, pass the cookies.



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  2. Ann says:

    How much is “two squares of butter”? One cup?
    Thank you!!!!

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