March 25, 2014

My, I feel like I’ve been on a fast moving treadmill for the last few days.  We finished the deck remodel and to say it’s a transformation is an understatement.  We stained.  We built.  We sewed.  We hung, spray-painted, planted, styled, rearranged, and photographed perhaps the prettiest outdoor space I’ve ever designed.  It’s just so cozy and lovely!

Naturally, I have plans to share it all here with you– a load of tutorials, DIY’s I’m so proud of, and photos and videos I hope inspire you.  James is working feverishly on capturing every little detail.  I love where it’s all going.  Coming in blog posts near you soon!

But today, I’m sharing some plans for updating a family room.  My parents have a small vacation home in Southern Utah.  Since my dad retired, they spend about half their time down there.  They bought it about 10 years ago, and fully furnished it.  And 10 years ago, it was right on point.  Tan and red, with touches of black.  Shaggy beige carpet, travertine tile.  I wish I had some before photos for you, but you know the style of which I speak:)

My dad asked me if I would help him give the family room a good freshening.  He wanted to keep a few existing furnishings for the time being, but was ready to switch out quite a bit.  And he gave me, as he has before, creative freedom.  And his credit card.  Both good things, both good things.

There are a few unique requirements for their home.  My mother is confined to a wheelchair, and has been for many years.  Because of that, they wanted to nix the carpet.  Rather than do something they would have to just replace again in a few years from tire tread, I suggested they put down a manufactured hardwood.  There are so many pretty options nowadays, and for a second home it is practical and the right price.  I picked the color (a very dark stain), and he ordered it from a local store.

They are keeping the existing ivory couches, and they didn’t want to repaint the walls (It’s currently a beige/tan color), so I had to work around those two factors.  Right now the space just feels heavy and dark, so my goal was to brighten it up, make it feel fresh, and also increase the comfort level.  Right now they have a really uncomfortable slate coffee table and matching side table.  Here is what I came up with:

dad house design board

Rug | Ottoman | Tray | Accent Table (on sale) | Floor Lamp | Table Lamp | Pillows 1, 2, 3 | Mirror | Gold Sphere | Pouf | Vase

By the way, I got that rug at 50% off, thanks to an awesome sale on RugsUSA.  Jump on that, people.

And I kind of love tomorrow’s video.  I hope you will too.


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  1. BreAnn says:

    Beautiful! I love the color combination.

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