Treasure Hunting Tuesday: Brass Finds and a Vintage Globe

November 11, 2014

For this Treasure Hunting Tuesday I’ve got some great little finds and a tip for scouting out great brass pieces.

I’ve been searching for a vintage globe for a very long time.  They aren’t easy to find, in my experience, at least one in good condition.  I happened upon this beauty at a thrift store for $20 and couldn’t buy it fast enough.  I mean, check out that cool stand?  It’s in excellent condition and the base actually rotates all the way around.


How cute is it sitting on Ruby’s playroom shelf?  It would also be darling in a little boy’s room or in a study.  So many uses for a great globe!

Next up: This retro ice bucket.  It’s not in perfect condition, but it was $7 and I love the detailing on the handle.  With a little cleaning, this will be fun at a party.

IMG_7927 IMG_7928

And finally, my obsession with vintage brass continues with these awesome brass candlesticks.  How pretty will they be grouped on a table for the holidays?  They just need a good cleaning and to get rid of that red wax left on the inside.   $5 for the whole set.  Sweet.



If you’re trying to find brass, head straight to the collectible section (the glass cases) and check frequently.  Without fail, there’s always brass in there.  And don’t be deterred by it looking worn or dirty.  Brass is easily cleaned up with a little Bar Keeper’s Daughter and some elbow grease and it will be shiny and new.

Happy treasure hunting to you!


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  1. Kelsey Bang says:

    great finds! so exciting! for sure treasures!

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