BHG Stylemaker Challenge Full Episode & Fun Happenings

November 12, 2014

Happy Wednesday!  For today’s video I’m sharing the full episode from the BHG Stylemaker Challenge.  The production team put it all together so you can see exactly how it all went down and how our walls came together.  I think it offers a lot of insight into a time-crunched design process and there is some great advice for putting your own gallery wall together at home.  I had so much fun participating in the challenge and feel so lucky to have been a part of a great group.  Thank you again, BHG!

Screenshot 2014-11-12 09.43.41

You can watch the episode on Portico TV, then click on the Better Homes and Gardens logo along the bottom.

More fun happenings: in this month’s issue (November) of Redbook Magazine, I teamed up with Pier 1 to share some holiday dining tablescape ideas.  It’s a fold out feature in the second half of the magazine.

Jen's Advertorial

Also Today.com featured our family room fireplace DIY built-ins, along with some other really great ideas from other talented bloggers for re-doing your fireplace.

And finally, I showed some behind the scenes shots of a huge shoot happening at our old house the week before we moved.  It was amazing and crazy all at the same time!  I can’t spill all the beans quite yet, but it’s definitely a “pinch me” experience to have your home photographed for a magazine.  So grateful for the opportunity!

We have been busy busy busy getting everything lined up for the renovation.  Because we are front loading the major construction changes to the house, we needed to get all of our bids for the entire project in line first thing.  If any of you have been through this process, I feel your pain.  What a pain in the arse.  We are finally feeling on top of it all and I’m getting anxious to share the entire process with you.  We have some really neat  plans for this house!

And in case you missed the news on Instagram, we are so excited to be having another baby girl.  Ruby and I surprised Jon at work with a mystery cupcake and he had to break into it to find out what the gender is.


Ruby has started saying hello to “girl baby” in my tummy and giving it kisses and pats.  I’m already picturing my two girls in matching dresses and it makes my heart swell.  I’m so grateful to have a healthy pregnancy thus far.

So folks, things have been pretty cray cray around these parts, and sooooooo soon we can share it all with you!



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  1. Girl! You are on fire 🙂 Awesome stuff 🙂 xoxo

  2. Holly Smith says:

    I love reading about all of the amazing stuff that you have going on! And I’m lucky to have you helping me at my own home!

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