February 25, 2013

When my daughter Sophie watched “Spy Kids” for the first time, she told me that she wanted to be a spy when she grew up, and for her 5th birthday she wanted to have a spy party.    I have to admit I was skeptical at first – where would I even begin?  It ended up being one of the easiest, and definitely funnest parties that I’ve ever done for my kids.
Secret code invitations were sent out.
 photo spy18_zps775be5c0.jpg
“Your mission should you choose to accept it…”They arrived at the Secret Agent Training Center, chose their code names, and filled out their name badges.  My favorite, “Marshmallow Top”. photo spy8_zps53e1581f.jpgBad guys were drawn, and were the subject of target practice…. photo spy15_zps03f13fcd.jpg

 photo spy14_zpsb9efa5e3.jpg

 photo spy13_zpsce97897d.jpg

 photo spy12_zpsb17da9b8.jpg

They had to maneuver through the “trip wire” (string) to deactivate the bomb (snip of the ball o’ string)….

 photo spy11_zps8364c4f0.jpg

 photo spy10_zps30201b1e.jpg

 photo spy9_zpsbd4d5b4b.jpg

We played an intense game of pass the bomb (hot potato) to “Mission Impossible” and “James Bond” music….

 photo spy17_zps029f7125.jpg

 photo spy16_zps8c19b070.jpg

Took a break from agent training and ate mini “bombs”+ ice cream and sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girl….

 photo spy1_zpsa31276b0.jpg

 photo spy2_zps99303fbe.jpg

….and ended the party with a scavenger hunt to find their spy gear:   Disguises, top secret notebook + invisible ink pen, and explosives…just the necessities.

 photo spy6_zps0deee739.jpg

 photo spy5_zps245b4f28.jpg

 photo spy4_zpsfe55b91a.jpg

 photo spy3_zpsc9b85016.jpg

Other activities included an obstacle course, I-SPY game, and freeze dancing to the spy music.  They passed all their training requirements with flying colors and are now officially….

(cue Mission Impossible music)

 photo spy7_zpsf5c491f5.jpg

Photos by Veronica Reeve

 Veronica Signature photo VeronicaSignature_zps523b2556.jpg

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  1. heather j says:

    Such a fun idea! And I love that it was for a birthday girl. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wendy Widerburg says:

    Your creativity continues to amaze me!

  3. Melanie says:

    So clever! Do you have links to the labels you made? I want to make the secret agent kid as a gift to go along with a gift card.

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