#Staggreno Basement Bar and Dining Area Reveal

November 11, 2016

Well hello there!  Remember me?  I’m so sleep deprived I can barely remember my own name.  So much to share– let’s start with the most important: Baby Vivienne Marie is here!  One week ago today she entered the world rather quickly and is the sweetest addition to our now Stagg Party of 5 (whaaaaa??).  I’ll be sharing her birth story and video soon, but until there, here’s a photo of our sweet baby Vivie.


As part of my full blown nesting, I always get an itch to finish up some big projects and make our home feel a bit more complete.  This pregnancy’s project: finish up our basement second kitchen/bar dining area and do something with the mess of toys an awkward open space between the bar and the family room.  I was honored Home Decorator’s Collection and Home Depot reached out to me about making over a space in our home, and knew I wanted to add a dining/hangout spot.  This was the perfect opportunity.

Before I start sharing all the pretty photos, you know I like to gross you out with the before photos, naturally.  Remember what the basement bar looked like when we bought the #staggreno?

 IMG_5680 IMG_5681 IMG_5588 IMG_5587 IMG_5586 IMG_5585

Awwww yeah, baby.  Kind of like a kitchenette on an old sailboat.  And it smelled like it too.  I’ll get into the nitty gritty of how we transformed the kitchen area in another post, but today I want to focus on the beautiful dining space collaboration with Home Decorators and Home Depot.





For more photos and details, as well as links to all of the Home Decorator’s products, click HERE.  And sit tight folks, I’ve got one mega back log of rooms and projects and reveals to share and I’m starting to dig my way out.

Thank you HDC and Home Depot for helping me check one more now beautiful space off my list!



*This post was sponsored by Home Decorators and Home Depot.

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  1. Emily says:

    We are looking for a sectional similar to the one you have in your basement. Would you mind sharing the details on it?

  2. Holly Smith says:

    “gross you out”….lol! I love your basement! It looks so cozy and inviting! Hoping that is our next project as well! Vivienne is beautiful! Congratulations!

    P.S. Where is your couch from?

  3. Tom says:

    Nice Job as always!

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