December 3, 2013

Sometimes when I see a piece of old furniture, I turn into Cher.  Not that Cher.  The Cher from my favorite Jr. High School movie, Clueless, who looked around  and saw sweet, poor, fashion victims– or shall we say “ensembly challenged.”  Except my victims are sofas or vintage chairs and instead of giving them new hair color in the tub and clothes, I go for new paint, and fabric.

Meet my latest project:  Regina.  She’s a sofa with potential.

 photo sofashot1_zpsc5a803ce.jpg

 photo sofashot2_zps755eef89.jpg

Doesn’t she just look like a Regina?  That groovy fabric, the amazing mid-century, clean lines.  I love the track arms (straight/box shaped).  I found her at an estate sale for $40.  The original owner kept her in great condition.  And the moment I tried to lift her, I knew we were meant to be.  Regina is solid.  Like I can’t even lift up one side by myself solid.  She’s built, people.

I asked the owner’s daughter, who was selling the couch, if she knew who made it and she said Dinwoodey.  My ears immediately perked up.  Dinwoodey was a fine furniture maker here in Utah in 1874.  The shop closed eventually in 1985, and left quite the legacy.  There is an historic mansion near Utah’s Capitol called the Dinwoodey House that is unbelievable, that was owned by the company’s founder and president.  From what I could find after a little digging, it appears there is a descendant named John Dinwoodey who is still involved in the furniture business somehow, but I couldn’t find a direct website.  So fascinating.  I sort of geek out on history.

The fabric was pretty bad, but the bones were good and it was down stuffed.  I wish the legs were a tad taller, but it’s not terrible.  And they need to be sanded and re-stained.

 photo sofashot3_zpsfe69aca2.jpg

 photo sofashot4_zpsb6b06e17.jpg

Hello!  Regina, welcome to the family.

I’m planning to have her reupholstered, naturally.  I’m still not set on a color.  My first instinct is blue velvet– something like this:

 photo sofaoption1_zpscfa40505.jpg

But I’m having some chairs redone in blue velvet for a different room and I don’t want too much of it (even though it is totally my favorite).  I think velvet for sure, but here are some other ideas I’ve been considering.

 photo sofaoption2_zps417af72b.jpg

 photo sofaoption3_zpsf83d04c1.jpg

 photo sofaoption4_zps45579057.jpg

 photo sofaoption7_zps9f6252c3.jpg

 photo sofaoption5_zpsb9248ad6.jpg

 photo sofaoption6_zpsbe93bdf6.jpg

I love the idea of some contrasting welting (piping/trim), but it all depends on what color fabric I go with.  So what do you think Regina’s new outfit should be?

And you know what would look amazing with Regina once she’s finished?  This table. Oh, and these chairs. And this lamp.  Can’t wait to put together the rest of the room!

Jen Signature photo JenSignature_zpse63747c4.jpg

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  1. Bryony says:

    I love the green velvet!! Even a rich burgundy would look great using a monochrome pattern for the cushions would look eye catching, especially with different textures!

  2. Erna says:

    I actually thought as soon as I saw this couch that it should be blue!

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