April 8, 2013

I can tell that you are tired, but you fight with all your might.

You’re not interested in sleeping, until I snuggle you in tight.

 Your eyes, they get so heavy, and you finally give in.

Your lashes close, you start to doze, an adventure for you begins.

 photo rubydreams9_zps0af6dca6.jpg

To your sleepy, dreamy kingdom, you fly as softly as a dove.

With a “here ye” and a curtsey, you’re a queen adored and loved.

 photo rubydreams1_zps236e76c7.jpg

As royalty often does, you have many hidden skills.

Crouching tiger, hidden baby.  You conquer enemies against their will.

 photo rubydreams2_zpscb341824.jpg

You play your own lullabies in a marching band parade.

Air saxophone in your sleep, your binky an instrument well played.

 photo rubydreams3_zps7cbdbc57.jpg

When you’re drifting off to dreamland, are you hitting the dance floor?

With your hands up are you getting down?  Does the crowd begin to roar?

 photo rubydreams4_zpsf4bb8aa7.jpg

Maybe you’re dreaming of the tropic; warmer weather on the beach?

Hula dancing in your jammies, a pina colada within reach.

 photo rubydreams5_zps5810036f.jpg

Whatever they’re about, I hope your dreams are happy and sweet.

And if a bad one comes along, I’ll hold you close until they leave.

 photo rubydreams6_zps9becb72d.jpg

And every time you wake, I swear you’re bigger than before.

Just when I think my heart is full, I somehow love you more.

 photo rubydreams7_zps0a86299c.jpg

How I wish I could freeze time, so stay my little jewel.

But there are great things in store for you, beyond the dream kingdom that you rule.

 photo rubydreams8_zps95843ff8.jpg

And as you grow, always know, I’ll sneak in to watch you sleep.

You are so loved, my baby girl.  You have made my dreams complete.

Jen Signature photo JenSignature_zpse63747c4.jpg

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  1. June Pope says:

    She is precious, the poem extra sweet. You are a good mommie!

  2. So sweet I love this!!

  3. Heather says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Kami says:

    This is so sweet! You’re talented!!

  5. Kami says:

    This is so sweet! You’re talented!! Keeping pictures are the best, you can never have enough!

  6. Kami says:

    *sleeping pictures*

  7. Sunny says:

    Love the poem!

  8. Chelsey says:

    This is the sweetest post! What a lucky little girl to have such an amazing mama!! She is a beauty

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