January 29, 2013

So, how’s that New Year’s resolution going?  You know, the one where you committed to getting to the gym every morning at 5am and finally reach your goal weight?  It’s about this time of year where the crowd at the gym starts to thin out and people slip back into those old habits again.  But no fear!  I’m here to help.  Every month, I’ll map it all out for you so you and take out the stress.  Stick to the plan, and I promise you’ll see results.

Only 10 steps– you can do it!  Ok, let’s get started.

Complete this routine 3-4 times a week all month and try to mix in other daily physical activity, i.e. walking, yoga, step or spin class.   Choose weights that allow you to complete 12 reps with good form, and still feel muscle fatigue.  I like adjustable weights, like these, because you can start out small and work up to more weight, but you can use any free weight, just don’t go over 12 lbs.  If you prefer a simple free weight, these are a great option.
Untitled-1_zps0ae31edc photo Untitled-1_zps0ae31edc-1_zps9b546bec.jpg

1.  Begin with a 5-10 min treadmill walk (or run if you’re up for it!)

2.   Squat/Overhead Press:

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, squat and bring wrists to shoulder level.  Making sure knees stay behind the toes, and wrists stay straight , rise up to a standing position extending arms straight towards the ceiling.  Repeat 12 times.

 photo fitnesspost9_zps9a837769.jpg

3.  Wall Sit:

With your back against the wall, bring your body to a sitting chair position.  Knees should be at a 90 degree angle, directly above the ankles.  Keep your pelvis tucked and the small of your back pressing against the wall to protect your spine.  Hold for 30 seconds… try to work up to a full minute!

4.  5 min. treadmill interval.  Walk or run – try to push yourself and keep that heart rate up!

5.  Bicep Curl:

Bicep lunge: begin with feet 2-3 feet vertically apart, back heel raised, toes facing forward.  Using weights, palms facing front, drop into a lunge position while performing a bicep curl.  As always, knees don’t go past a 90 degree angle.  Try to focus on keeping your body weight centered; the toes in your front foot should be able to move easily.  Repeat 12 times with the right leg forward.  Switch legs and perform another 12 with left leg forward and palms facing into your body during the bicep curl.

 photo fitnesspost10_zps7a25bccd.jpg

6.  Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

Begin with feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent.  Grab some weights and bend just slightly at the waist, palms facing back.  While holding your body steady and spine straight, pull elbows up and back.  You want to feel like your shoulder blades are meeting together in the middle of your back.  Try 12 reps with palms facing back, and 12 reps with palms facing each other; can you feel the difference in the muscles you are working?  Don’t forget to keep the tummy pulling in to support the spine – this works back and abdominal muscles too!

 photo fitnesspost11_zpsda224c01.jpg

7.  5 min. treadmill interval

8.  Never underestimate the value of a pushup!   Do as many as you can until fatigue.  Try to add variety each time; hands out wide, narrow hands with elbows pointing back (for the triceps), make hands into a diamond position and try small presses, knees up, knees down, the possibilities are endless!

9.  Hamstring Lift:

Yay it’s the last one!  You can use a medicine ball or weights, just make sure you don’t go too heavy, we want to protect our shoulders and backs!  Start lying down with knees bent, and bring arms over head (not too far, extending past the shoulders here could be bad).  Keeping arms straight, bring them forward and end when perpendicular to the ground.  As you do this, lift hips at the same time, pressing into the heels to work those hamstrings.

 photo fitnesspost12_zpsb95918d3.jpg

10.  5-10 minute walk cool down

Feel free to adjust your workout as needed.  If you are short on time, leave out the treadmill intervals and power through the exercises.  If you really want to work up a sweat, go through the entire circuit twice minimizing down time.  The goal is to keep the heart rate up for as long as possible.  I’ll check in with you periodically and post tips, tricks, and useful information throughout the month.  I’d love to hear your goals and progress!  Good luck!

Photos by Veronica Reeve

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  1. Kenny Clayton says:

    Good luck on your new venture. Looks awesome. I like the reboot idea. Also, Jen, beautiful picture with your baby. I lost 15 pounds in January and feel like I failed. We need to be kinder to ourselves. Love you two!

  2. Kelly says:

    Thank you for this, it was exactly the motivation push that I was looking for. Back on the band wagon so they say. I’m going to try this out! Printing it out as we speak and about to et my sweat on. 🙂

    • Wendy says:

      Kelly, I am so glad! I hope you are enjoying the workout. I am really excited for the ones I have coming up in March and April, so stay posted! I would love to hear about your progress. xoxo W.

  3. Christy Berger says:

    Wow I want to be you Wendy. Jen is cute too! Think i will try the workout with Leigh 🙂

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