April 17, 2014

Today is the day!  Today my baby girl turns 2 whole years old!  How did this happen?  She is such a joy and blessing in our lives.

I’m sharing more details from her birthday party and how I entertained a group of rambunctious kids successfully!

Pow Wow pic 22

Trying to get a group of toddlers to do the same thing at the same time (other than all want the same toy) is kind of like herding cats.  Although I’m not a particularly big fan of cats (though if you are, I’m so glad you are!), I am a big fan of toddlers.  Not sure where I was going with that, but I digress…

I wanted Ruby’s 2nd birthday party to be fun.  The kind of fun that’s at her level, and the level of her buddies who were in attendance.  I came up with a few different ideas and I’m happy to say they were all a hit!  The right amount of time to hold their attention span, not too messy, and fun for all with very little for them to fight over.  Here are my party activities for toddlers.

The first activity I planned was making feather party crowns.  I went to a local school supply store where they sold strips of card stock (you know the kind teachers use on the outside of their bulletin boards for decoration).  I bought a bunch, then cut them in half so there was enough for at least one crown for each child.

 Pow Wow pic 29

I found these awesome markers that were basically big polka dots.  So instead of scribbling, the kids could just “dot” the crowns to decorate them.

Next, I found a big bag of colorful feathers and a few rolls of washi tape.  I knew glue would be messy and not dry fast enough, so tape was a practical solution.  I used a stapler to connect each crown once the kids were finished dotting and feathering.  And voila!  Adorable feather crowns for each child, and they looked so adorable wearing them during the party!

Pow Wow pic 26 Pow Wow pic 25 Pow Wow pic 24 Pow Wow pic 23

Pow Wow pic 27

Pow Wow pic 28

Pow Wow pic 33

The next activity was singing/dancing.

Pow Wow pic 10

I found a really cute box of finger puppets for several popular nursery rhymes.  The kids took turns picking a finger puppet out of the box, then we sang the song that went along with it.  I handed out mini tambourines and maracas and they were a hit!  The kids loved shaking them and singing and dancing along.

Pow Wow pic 31

After the activities, we opened presents and Ruby was a bit bashful.  We enjoyed caked and ice-cream and I had a few toys like a mini ball pit and a tunnel from ikea out on the grass for the kids to play in.

pow wow 3 pow wow 2 pow wow 1

pow wow 8

Ruby has watched the video of her party at least a dozen times and giggles every time then says “again?” at the end.  It was such a special day.

And for those of you who asked, here are the details of Ruby’s outfit: Dress | Moccs

And tomorrow, I’ve got a great giveaway with a pack of party supplies that will be a hit at your next get together.  And I’m sharing food details from the party.

Happy birthday to my sweet Ruby Sue!

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