November 28, 2017

New Mattress with Brentwood Home

Sleep is a unicorn around here.  Jon and I are always chasing it.  Running a business, working a crazy demanding job, anchoring part time, and taking care of three little humans ain’t for the faint of heart.  So when we get a chance to collapse on our bed at night, it better be comfortable.  A mattress is such a personal choice and today I’m sharing all about our new mattress with Brentwood Home.

We like to switch out our mattress every 3-5 years or so and the last time we got a new mattress was when Ruby was about 2, so it was time.  I’m ALLLLLLL about the mattress in a box that is delivered to your home thing but here’s the caveat: it’s gotta be high quality.  With the back problems I had been having (this was pre-emergency back surgery), I wanted to make sure whatever mattress we got was going to improve my back, not make it worse.  Other things important to me: I try to go organic with bedding materials because chemicals freak me out.

Brentwood Home (and a few other mattress companies) reached out to me to see if I was interested in collaborating and after doing some research and reading a bunch of online reviews, I knew Brentwood was the company to go with.  I selected the Cedar Mattress because it’s eco-friendly, organic, and frankly looked so plush and comfortable that I wanted to sink into it.  This wasn’t our first experience with a mattress in a box so when it arrived, I wasn’t freaked out it was all rolled up in that box.

When I cut the plastic off, that’s when things got exciting.  I kind of geek out watching it puff up and roll itself out to a king sized mattress. 

The girls were all over testing it out immediately.

We lifted it into place (gingerly.  Again, this was just before my back situation became a full blown emergency).

It was so plush and thick and comfortable from the get go.  And perfect for some tickle fighting.

And jumping, naturally.

Shortly after we got this mattress, I ruptured my herniated disk in my lower back and spent six weeks mostly laying flat on my back and we got to know each other really, really well.  It surpassed my expectations and I can say whole heartedly this mattress is a winner.  If you’ve been looking mattress-in-box options, I give this one my full endorsement.

I’ve got some exciting posts coming up this week and I’m giddy to share them all!  Now, off to lay on my very comfortable new mattress.

*this post was sponsored by Brentwood Home.  All opinions are my own.

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