Mini Brownie Cookie Trifles

December 11, 2015

There’s something about a trifle that just feels special.  They look and feel so fancy, yet making a trifle dessert is so easy.  My mother-in-law first got me hooked on trifles because every family gathering, she would show up with this really impressive dessert that looked beautiful and tasted delicious.  Today I’m sharing a recipe I cooked up after finding these adorable mini trifle dishes: Mini Brownie Cookie Trifles.

I love mini just about everything and these Small Bites Trifle Dishes from Zestt (on sale!) give you a perfect portion size and are a show stopper for a dinner party.


We recently hosted some friends for dinner and I wanted to make something that not only the adults loved, but both family’s kids as well.  I came up with this recipe and it was a hit.  Here’s what you’ll need:


Chocolate chip cookies

Cool Whip

Chocolate Pudding

Round Fudge Striped Cookies


So there are several levels of work slash homemade-ness you can do here.  You can buy everything pre-made and make it easy on yourself, or you can make the brownies, cookies, and pudding from scratch.  I chose somewhere in the middle with a box of brownie mix and pre-made cookie dough.  I wanted them all to taste fresh but I was kind of in a pinch for time.

First, make your brownies and cookies and let them cool completely.


Start with the brownies and cut them into chunks, then place a layer in the bottom of each dish.  Then top the brownies with a layer of Cool Whip.


Top that layer with cookie chunks.  Follow with a layer of chocolate pudding.


Top each one with a single fudge striped cookie.  It makes it feel fancy.

IMG_7141 IMG_7142

It was a hit equally with the adults and the kids.  I made these a few hours ahead of time and covered them with some wrap and put them in the fridge.  A no-fuss dessert that looks like you fussed and fussed.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We will be spending it doing all sorts of Christmassing and one of our favorite traditions.  Be sure to check out the A Holiday with HEART posts— they sure are special and each blogger put their heart and soul into their posts.  I love that.  And them.  And you.  And Christmas.  I’ll stop now.

And make this dessert!  This minute!


*The dishes in this post were provided by Zestt and this post is sponsored.

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