March 20, 2014

Great mid-century chairs aren’t easy to come by.  Either they are astronomically priced, or they are reaaaalllly expensive.  Ok, that’s the same thing.  Basically, there are a lot of people hunting for quality mid-century furniture, therefore it’s A) difficult to find for a great price or B) a piece of garbage or C) Not really midcentury at all and someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about/they’re trying to pull a fast one.

It was on a very lucky afternoon when I spotted these two mid-century club chairs at a thrift store for a whopping $20 a piece.  Yep, $40 for the pair.  I couldn’t get the sold tag on them fast enough.

club chair 2 club chair 3 club chair 4 club chair 5

Several things made me fall in love at first glance:  the shape and size, the gold dipped feet, the button tufting, and they swivel and rock.  They are so comfortable!  See, even Ruby thinks so.  In fact, she wouldn’t get out of them and gave me this look whenever I even suggested it (and don’t worry, I power cleaned those babies before they entered my house).

club chair 1

While the existing color didn’t bother me so much, the fabric is vinyl, and had several rips and stains.  And it smelled like cigarette smoke (that’s how I knew they were the authentic;) .  I tried painting them first, just like I did these beauties, but all the paint did was highlight the fact that there were several seams with tears and the paint made them glaringly obvious.  So, off the the upholsterer they went.

I’m planning to put them in my living room, alongside the beautiful newly recovered sofa I shared with you earlier this week.  I envision them looking something like if these two chairs had a child…. that swiveled and rocked.

club chair 6

Finding fabric proved to be pretty tricky.  I needed to come in on budget because I have some splurges planned for other parts of the room.  I kept coming back to a sort of celery green/gold/leek color.

Persistence paid off in this case.  After faithfully checking Home Fabrics for a quality fabric in the right color, I finally found something pretty darn close to what I wanted at $6.99 a yard.  Can you believe that price???  For two chairs like these, I needed 16 yards.  What a steal.

I think they are going to be perfect in the space and I can’t wait until they’re finished.  Stay tuned…

Jen Signature photo JenSignature_zpse63747c4.jpg

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  1. Jamala says:

    You sure did luck up! Those chairs are awesome.. I can’t wait to see them when they’re upholstered.. I know you picked out a fab fabric

  2. Wendi Vostad says:

    Would you share what the fabric was on the chairs? Love them!!!

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