March 19, 2014

Today I’m thrilled to kick off a new on-going series– A Home withHEART.  This series will profile homeowners, the spaces they love, and the inspiration behind them.  And boy, do I have a beauty for you today.

 Sita Montgomery is not only a dear friend, but she is a talented designer, as well as a wife and mother.


Her home is so beautiful, and James and I spent an afternoon touring and shooting it to share with all of you.  After watching it, you’re going to want to move in, mark my words!

Video/Editing: James Young

Want a close up at some of those rooms?  Well, lucky for you, we have some more photos for you to drool over, and some sound advice from Sita:

Q)  Where do you start when designing a space?
A)  Each of my designs start out with a source of inspiration. That inspiration can come in many forms, a piece of furniture, a work of art, or even the setting of a home. More often than not though, that source of inspiration comes in the form of a piece of fabric. I have loved fabric and textiles since I was young. Now, as a designer, the way a certain fabric looks and feels is often the driving force behind my design for a space. I will use the colors and texture in the fabric to determine the palette for a room and then everything just flows from there. I know it sounds trite, but pulling together a design is an organic experience for me. It feels very natural.
Q)  Are there any rules you stick to?  
A)  I don’t really adhere to any particular design rules. I believe in guidelines and in using the tried and true methods that experienced interior designers have used for years. Some of these include how to properly mix patterns and choosing furniture and accessories that are an appropriate scale for a space they are in. Beyond that I am true believer in creating a room that YOU will love. If that means going against the grain and bucking the trends, then by all means do it. After all, it is your space and you should love it. Overall, I tend to trust my designer’s instinct when designing a space. When something looks right, you just know it. Again, I’m sure it sounds crazy, but I promise it is true.
Q)  What are your favorite resources available to the average consumer?
A)  I think that it is so awesome that there are so many great design resources available to the general public. Even as a professional Interior Designer, I don’t shy away from using them. Great design can be found in a variety of places and at all price points. Some of my favorite places to shop for my projects are Target, ZGallerie, Ballard Designs,West Elm and, of course HomeGoods. Each of these retailers carries amazing furniture, accessories and artwork at very reasonable price-points. For fabric, Fabric.com, Calico Corners andOnlinefabricstore.net. are a few of my go-tos. Also, you can’t beat Etsy for pillow covers! These are just some of my favorite resources, but if I see something swoon worthy at Wal-Mart, you better believe I’ll snatch it up!

sita3 sita4 sita5 sita6   sita9 sita10  sita12 sita13  sita15 sita16

sita11sita17 sita18 sita19 sita20 sita21

Gorgeous, right?

Sita and I are working on some fun projects together.  Can’t wait to share more soon!  Be sure to check out Sita’s blog, and watch for more Home withHEART’s coming up.

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  1. BreAnn says:

    What a gorgeous home! I’d like to just move in I love her style.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my home and spending the day with me and my kids! I’m looking forward to working with you some more!! XO

  3. Melissa says:

    Beautiful home and you can really tell that you love what you do. Your love shows in your design. Great advice as well! May I quote you Sita in a future post?

  4. Jamala says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.. Like you said.. I want to move in.. 🙂

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