September 26, 2013

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I’ve never met the mother in today’s WHAT I HOPE THEY ALWAYS KNOW feature, but all I have to do is simply look at her blog or Instagram feed and I can feel the love she has for her beautiful 22-month-old little boy.  I’m excited to share the sweet words of Nicole Gonzalez of Lillies and Leon.
I was so touched by her sincerity.  Here is Nicole’s love letter to Lucas.

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“I always dreamed of becoming a mother. When I became pregnant with Lucas I knew life was truly beginning for me. Motherhood, this incredible new chapter, has brought me love – so much love – and a responsibility unlike anything I have ever experienced. To love someone more than you love yourself, well as you can imagine, is a daunting task. It is a beautiful kind of exhaustion. But with the worry comes the sweet joy of watching this little being who belongs to me (I still look at him at times and think “wow. I can’t believe he’s mine!”) grow and flourish. Motherhood is such a gift and it is a blessing to have been chosen to be Lucas’s mama.”

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My sweet Lucas Leon,

You are almost two years old! My beautiful, big boy. At just 22 months, you are smart as a whip and have the charisma of a seasoned New Yorker. This summer you spent your days learning your away around our local playgrounds,  running through fields in Central Park, and navigating your way through the train system with mommy and daddy to fun, exotic places like Brooklyn. You’re vocabulary is growing at a rapid pace and you are all around the coolest partner in crime a mama could ask for. I hope as you continue to blossom you remember the freedom you felt this summer exploring this grand city of yours. That’s right – yours. I hope you remember how the sun kissed your face as you ran through the sprinklers and how mama kissed every booboo as you learned the rather hard way that within independence comes scrapes and the occasional fall. I hope you remember that every night mommy and daddy rocked you to sleep (you will always be our baby) and greeted you each morning with endless amounts of kisses. Most importantly I hope you know and always remember how much you are loved. 
As you continue to explore and grow, experience new adventures, and make new friends, there might be times you feel scared, nervous, cautious. Know that with love you can conquer anything! You are my courageous boy and because of you I have learned love has no bounds. It is infinite. My only wish is that you feel the same powerful love and remember it can take you anywhere. To the moon and back, Lucas! 

Thank you so much to Nicole for sharing!  You can read more from Nicole on her blog.

Another installment in this special series next week!  But tomorrow, I have a sentimental post– this weekend marks an important milestone around these parts.  Until then….

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