November 29, 2013

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!  I spent the day eating entirely too much and chasing a busy toddler and her cousins around.  It was perfect (especially for a gal who is used to usually working on Thanksgiving, standing in front of a camera freezing in the dark;).

A couple weeks ago, my sweet cousin, Heather, (we always say cousin, but really it’s our husbands who are cousins) asked me to create a children’s craft for her newly release book launch party.  She and her twin sister wrote the sweetest book called Fairy Birds that teaches children about the art of giving.

 photo fairybirds8_zps15ff21b3.jpg

It was such a beautiful party, and I was in charge of two tables full of little ones, making handmade paper flowers.

 photo fairybirds1_zps9b089a91.jpg

 photo fairybirds3_zpsc4a7a9e0.jpg

 photo fairybirds2_zps076c3eee.jpg

I’m so glad these turned out the way they did in my head.  They come together so quickly and would make such a sweet activity for a children’s birthday party, holiday craft, or school project.  Here is the supply list and step by step:


Colored construction paper, cut into squares

Pipe cleaners for stems


Glue sticks

 photo paperflowers11_zps730539be.jpg

1)  Cut the paper in a swirly circle to make a snake.  I wanted it to have ridges, sort of like rose petals.  Just cut off the tail with the square corners.

 photo paperflowers10_zps802fd926.jpg

 photo paperflowers9_zps9634b877.jpg

2)  Put some glue on the center back, then start sort of puckering/rolling the paper around itself to make a rosebud.  Use glue occasionally to hold it all together.  I found the more glue, the better.  Press firmly as you go, so it sticks and dries together.

3)  Once your flower is formed and dried, it’s time to make your stem.  You’ll notice a little hole/slit in the center of your flower.  Stick the pipe cleaner up through the center, then fold over the end to form a loop.

 photo paperflowers5_zpsb80239de.jpg

 photo paperflowers2_zpsaa981cf4.jpg

Voila!  Cute little paper flower!

 photo paperflowers1_zpsbae94bd0.jpg

The flowers made at the event will go to a local children’s hospital to spread a little good cheer to the sweet patients.  How great is that?

Thanks Fairy Birds for asking me to be a  part of your event and movement!  Be sure to check out their darling book.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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