Halloween Costumes 2018: The Vampire, the Lion, and the Puppy

October 30, 2018

Long ago I decided I was going to be the mom who let my kids dress up as whomever they wanted for Halloween (as long as it’s appropriate).  We may not be a family theme this year (remember how awesome last year was with three Wonder Women?), but the girls are thrilled with their selections and that makes me a happy mama.  I give you our Halloween Costumes 2018: the Vampire, the Lion, and the Puppy.

Ruby came to me months ago saying she wanted to be a vampire and I had a moment of are we really out of princess phase already?  Cue the tears.  Then I was like ok!  Let’s make her prettiest/eeriest Vampire she can be.  I’m no vampire expert, but I think we pulled it off.

We were going for scary pretty and I think we got just that!  Some pale face makeup, the ringlets, the jewel blood droplets.  I think she looks pretty convincing!

Even the deadliest of vampires crack a smile occasionally.

I found her dress on a deal website several months ago for a song and was worried it would be poor quality when it arrived but I was pleasantly surprised.  It was great quality and gave use exactly the look she wanted– victorian vampire.

This is her vampire pose, by the way.  OOOOhhhhhh, so scary.

Next up, our little but mighty lion.  Or in Anna speak: Yion.

Never has a Halloween costume embodied a child more.  Anna literally could not contain her excitement at becoming a lion.  Leading up to this week she has been telling everyone: the clerk at the grocery store, the gas attendant, you name it.

As you can tell, she has no personality at all.  Really boring, actually….. said no one about Anna ever.


And then my sweet little puppy dog.  Vivie is obsessed with dogs so this was only fitting.  However when I was snapping these photos she flatly refused her dog ear hat and would only hold still for a moment, which is why there are only a couple shots.  I’ll have to get some more on Halloween!

The girls have had ample opportunity to break in their costumes with multiple school parades, carnivals, a trip to This is the Place for Little Haunts, trunk or treat, and two more upcoming events before the big night.  Phew!  Who else thinks October is just as busy as December?

Being a mom is just the best.  I’d love to hear all about what costumes you went with this year!  It’s so fun to see what people come up with.

This is a big exciting nail-biting week around here.  Our second collection, Aspen, launches Nov. 1!!!!!!  I could cry right now thinking about it if I didn’t have so much to do!  And have you checked out our new Stagg Design Shop site design?  It’s beautiful and has so many neat features, like Shop the Room.

I hope you love it all as much as we do!



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