December 20, 2013

storm 2

It’s always been my favorite kind of night– snow falling softly and the sky so bright, it’s almost as if it’s day.  When I was a girl, I would open my drapes wide on nights like these and lie in bed, almost giddy with wonder at the beautiful world I lived in.  I would fight to stay awake, then in the morning, the sky would be the brightest, clearest blue and my mountains would be covered with a layer of icing in my favorite flavor of cream cheese (ok, I imagined that last part).

We’ve just had an all day snowstorm in Salt Lake City and after putting Ruby down for the night, I left Jon working in the office with the baby monitor (boo for busy season) and snuck out for a short stroll through the snow.

storm 1

storm 3

Growing up in Utah was so magical.  Every season filled me with awe.  And while many people hate the cold and snow, I love it very much.  I have such fond memories of snow piled as tall as me in my front yard and building snow tunnels and forts that were every bit as neat as one indoors.  The snow also gave my service minded father an opportunity to teach.

He would pull me from my warm bed early in the morning after such storms to shovel driveway after driveway on our seemingly endless street.  As we cleared each walk, he would gently explain why our neighbors needed our help.  “In this home lives a widow,” he would say.  “How would she get to her mailbox today if you weren’t here to help her?”  He taught me to pick presents of my own to give to a family in need, and baked his signature gingersnaps for anyone he thought could use some sweets.  All I have learned about selflessness and joy in helping others, I learned from him.

And while this time of year is magical for many reasons, especially with a little girl of my own who is starting to understand who Santa is, I hope I can teach Ruby through example, as I was taught.  A snowstorm isn’t just fresh powder for a ski or sledding day.  It isn’t only about snowmen and hot chocolate and a clean slate for Santa’s reindeer.  It is an opportunity to serve and show love for mankind.  To remember Christ.  Every day we are given chances to do something kind, something unexpected, and something good.  I hope to do good on this day, and every day, snowstorm or not.

Happy weekend before Christmas,

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