May 19, 2014

Our family room is a space I wish we had tackled a long time ago, as it’s where we spend a lot of time, but it was comfortable enough, put together enough, and we didn’t want to mess with it.  But, here we are.  It’s time.  And there’s no turning back now.

Before we moved in, the room looked like this:

family room before 2 copy

Apparently the previous owners like to read dictionaries in their free time?

We painted the room before we moved in and replaced the carpeting.   I’ve mostly finished the room’s design and furnishings and the time has come for us to tackle the beast that is that fireplace wall.



Our plan was always to tear out the fireplace mantel and purplish marble tile and put in built-in cabinets, moulding detail, and a mounted tv.  The room is pretty good sized but the wide mantel makes it feel smaller.  The new mantel will be a bit narrower, to accommodate the shelves on either side.

First, we moved most everything out of the room, pushed the sectional to the center of the room, and carefully taped off the entire room with plastic.

We had never torn out a mantel before so we didn’t really have a battle plan.  We just kinda went for it, using a crowbar and a sledge hammer.  We used a razor on the caulking to loosen up the mantel.


The mantel came out pretty easily.  The tile, however, did not.  Whoever applied the tile in this house really went for the super-strength adhesive.  That stuff was not coming off without a fight.  We won, but the wall was the victim.




Next up:  bringing in our electrician to wire the television and cable hookups.  Worth every penny.

We will need to patch that drywall, and prime the wall.

Then, tackle the builtins.  We’ve been doing a lot of research, trying to determine exactly how we want them to look and the best way to approach them.  We’ve never done builtins before, but we have come up with a great plan.  If it turns out how we envision it, it’s going to be beautiful.  Hoping to tackle it all this week– wish us luck!

Stay tuned for more progress…

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  1. Maggie says:

    I know it will be beautiful! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. elisa says:

    What an amazing project. It’s going to look so much better than that squattie fireplace. I can’t wait to see the design!

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