June 27, 2014

Today I’m back sharing another project from the master bathroom— one of the easiest pieces of art you’ll ever do– DIY Polka Dot Art and a simple frame.


My friend, Danielle, and I painted this together last year before she moved out of state and it has been sitting in my office and waiting for a frame and a home ever since.  I knew the wall above the tub would be the perfect spot.

The project was really simple, yet I feel like the piece makes a big impact.  Here’s how we did it.

First, the supplies.  For this piece, you’ll need:

Dot Art pic 2

1 Blank Canvas


1 x 1 wood for frame around canvas

Wood Filler

Black Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes

Painter’s tape

We purchased a large and inexpensive canvas from the craft store.  I think it was around $12 with a coupon.  First, we painted the entire canvas with Gesso, a white primer.

Dot Art pic 3 Dot Art pic 9

While it was drying, we measured the wood and cut a frame for the outside of the canvas.  We used a pocket square to make crisp corners on an angle to make it look more professional.

Dot Art pic 6

Dot Art pic 7

We then set the frame aside and got back to painting.  We used painter’s tape to tape a wide border around the canvas.  We laid out the black paint in the same dish as the Gesso.   We started with black dots and painted them sort of randomly and in different sizes on the canvas.  When we had enough straight black dots, we mixed some Gesso and paint to make a dark gray and painted more dots.

Dot Art pic 11 Dot Art pic 10

Once we felt we had sufficient dot action, we peeled off the tape and let it dry….. for about a year-ha!  I pulled it out again last week with the unfinished frame and got back to work.  I filled the nail holes on the frame with some wood filler and it was ready to paint.

Originally we had the idea to use a clear polyurethane (pictured above) on the frame to give it a raw wood look.  I decided it needed something more polished and went with some gold spray paint I had on hand.

To secure the frame in place around the canvas, I used small 1 inch nails and my nail gun.  If you don’t have a nail gun, you could just use a hammer and it would work just fine.

And there you have it.  Easy and inexpensive art with a wow factor!




Today I’m flattered to be featured on Southern Hospitality.  Rhoda, the force behind not only SH but also an organizer of Haven Conference, is as classy as they come.  Her perspective is refreshing and her blog makes me want to move to the south and drink sweet tea.  Head over to SH to read the feature.  Thanks Rhoda!

I’m excited to meet Rhoda and so many other amazing DIY and design talents at Haven Conference in Atlanta this year.  It’s my first time attending and I’ll also be speaking (yeep!).  More details soon.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I’ve never needed one more. And it’s my Jon’s birthday so we will be celebrating and relaxing.

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