July 7, 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend if you’re stateside!  Ours was full of relaxation and just chilling together as a family.  I finally feel like I’m caught up on sleep which for me, is really saying something.

Do you remember my Craigslist vintage bar cart makeover?

 vintage bar cart   vintage bar cart

Well, she looked so pretty but she just wasn’t functioning properly.  As you may recall, I replaced the wheels but there was a problem– the new wheels just wouldn’t stay in place.

The plastic pieces inside the metal tube that the wheel snapped into were broken.  Like every single one was broken.  As a result every time we started to roll the cart (major function of a cart, rolling), the wheels came out.  So annoying.  I searched high, low, far, and wide to find replacement pieces but I could not find them a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e.  And it just nagged at me.  I had to find a solution!

After one of my many fruitless trips to various stores, picking the brains of employees that had no idea how to help me, a brilliant Home Depot employee offered up an idea– what if we could fit a wooden dowel firmly enough in place that would hold the wheels securely in place.  It was worth a try!  Here is my diy furniture wheel repair.

I found a dowel that looked to be about the right size.  It was exactly the same size as the inside of the tube– success!  It took some banging with a hammer to get it in place.

vintage bar cart repair vintage bar cart repair

We used a small coping saw (hand saw) to cut off the end and a little more pounding and it was flush with the tube.

vintage bar cart repair

Ruby checked it out to make sure it was flush.  It met her standards.

vintage bar cart repair

We drilled a hole just smaller than the wheel piece (not sure what that end piece is called) and when pushed into the hole, it wasn’t goin’ nowhere.

vintage bar cart repair vintage bar cart wheel

Sometimes the easiest and cheapest solutions are the right ones.  Love when that happens!  Now, who has a broken furniture wheel that needs repair?

Happy work week kick off!

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  1. Lourdes says:

    I have a brass bar cart, vintage, that has wheels, but the rubber strip around the wheel is broken. I have no idea where to go to replace that. Seeing your project, got me thinking that maybe I can change the wheels for casters??!!

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