February 13, 2014


Gallery walls are my favorite.  Like chocolate covered cinnamon bears and hugs from my Ruby and cuddles from my man, I think more is more.  Currently, my home has four– Ruby’s room, my bedroom, the office, and in our upstairs hallway.  And I can think of at least two more rooms in my home where one could be coming soon.

Putting a great gallery wall together can be tricky.  I like my gallery walls to have a few key elements.  You don’t want it to be too perfect or cheesy, so I’ve come up with a sort of formula to creating a great gallery wall.  Of course, it’s sort of like you’re own personal family recipe, so you can add or subtract based on your tastes.  Today, I’m sharing the rough formula I use when pulling a gallery wall together.

Here is how to design a gallery wall:

1)  Start with a statement piece.  This can be a mirror, a bold piece of art, a large family photo, etc.

2)  Something colorful.

3)  Something old.  Think family heirloom, vintage art, old photos, you get the idea.

4)  Something handmade.  This isn’t a must, but I include something handmade into nearly every gallery wall I do.  A painting I made, the embroidery from a family member, my handwritten “love” art, etc.

5)  Meaningful photos/art.

6)  Something three-dimensional.

A gallery wall is an opportunity to put together things you really love— have fun with it!  Here are some pretty examples (all images found on Pinterest):

gallery wall 1 gallery wall 2

gallery wall 3

gallery wall 5

What are your favorite elements to include in a gallery wall?

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  1. Sabrina

    February 13th, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    I like gallery walls – finally I can use all the little drawings and postcards I got on my trips 🙂

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