January 27, 2014

Aloha!  We are just wrapping up a relaxing family vacation to Maui and it was exactly what we needed.  It has been so dreamy and I’m not ready to get that cold Utah winter blast in the face after a week in the sunshine.  But alas, I must go back to reality, and back to many projects waiting to be finished.  I’m actually excited for that part.  I’m so close to finishing so many neat things.


Today I’m sharing which fixtures and hardware I installed into Ruby’s bathroom.  When selecting hardware and fixtures for Ruby’s bathroom remodel, I knew I wanted something with an industrial feel to balance out the color and whimsy in the room.  I didn’t want anything too cutesy or bold, but rather fixtures that were clean and simple.  After doing quite a bit of searching, I finally landed on these pulls from Home Depot’s Martha Stewart line and these knobs, also from Home Depot.  They both were the right price point, and I think they look great on the freshly painted cabinet.


I went with this faucet from Lowe’s, where I purchased the countertop.  I liked that it was simple and clean, yet a traditional.  And again, can’t beat that price.


When it came time to replace the shower/tub fixtures, things got a little tricky.  The valve within the wall was an older model, so I had to get a special fitting in order to pair it with new fixtures.  Because of that, I had to go to a plumbing supply store rather than get an off-the-shelf set from a hardware store.  I went to a local store called Standard Plumbing Supply.  The set was a little more expensive that I wanted to spend, but still fairly reasonable at just under $400.  Still much less expensive than the alternative – tearing open the wall to replace the valve and replacing all of the tile and fixtures together.

IMG_0818 IMG_0819

Forgive the water spots I didn’t think to polish after Ruby’s bath.  Darnit.

The light fixture is this one from Lowe’s, then I picked some shades they had in stock.  I went back and forth on the right one for the space, but after I couldn’t find exactly what I had in mind, I’m really happy with how this one turned out.  It also has a clean, simple, yet traditional look.  And $40? Holla!


As I mentioned before, I didn’t want a towel rack in here because I feel like for kids (and adults too, really) hooks are just so much more practical and functional.  Who wants to worry about folding a towel neatly in place each time you use it, or only displaying pretty towels not meant to be used at all?  With a hook, towels get used, still look great hung, and it’s easy access from the tub with one hand on the baby and one reaching for a towel.  I went with these from Lowe’s.  Three for the big towels, and one for a hand towel.


For more bathroom product information, you can check out her bathroom reveal.

Happy Monday!

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