November 30, 2016

Anna’s Nursery Reveal

Ok friends, I’m digging out of a major backlog of projects and room reveals and posts and such.  And as we prepare to move Anna into a new big(ger) room and Vivie into the nursery, I figured it was about time I share what Anna’s nursery reveal looked like!  Ridiculous timing, I know.  But this room was oh so sweet, and it’s been bitter sweet taking it apart and moving select items into her new room.

I’ve mentioned before our sweet Anna was born in the middle of a hurricane and she was the calm of the eye.  From the moment she was born she has had the sweetest, happiest disposition and she was the bright spot in the middle of the stress of having a baby during a renovation (where we were the generals/contractors/main craftsmen/demo crew), while taking care of a toddler and battling post partum depression.  It was a crazy time and when we moved in and were settled, I wanted Anna’s room to be a place of peace and love, that felt as sweet and good as she is.

First, let’s look back at the before, shall we?

IMG_5657 IMG_5656 IMG_5655   IMG_5554 IMG_5536

Clearly, there’s a lot of bad happening, right?  But as bad as this room was, it was one of the only rooms that wasn’t changing in terms of structure.  No walls were moved, we kept the window size the same, and the closet space the same.  While I love big, dramatic room renovations, a space like this is great because anyone can do this room makeover.  So let’s get to the pretty, starting with a video of the room:

video/editing: Romero Media

Now on to the photos and details!

2016-02-09-15-39-16  2016-02-09-15-39-39 2016-02-09-15-40-00 2016-02-09-15-40-30 2016-02-09-15-41-00 2016-02-09-15-41-08 2016-02-09-15-42-04 2016-02-09-15-42-43 2016-02-09-15-42-57

Baby me and baby Jon.


crib | crib bumper | crib skirt | crib sheet | light fixture | pouf | bunny bank (similar) | mobile | drapery rod | drapes: custom | dresser: vintage, then repainted in Benjamin Moore Salamander| painting: vintage | rug: vintage | side table (similar) | lamp | baskets | pillow | monogram hook

While I was editing photos, I realized I didn’t get a shot of the full dresser and gallery wall.  And now the room is torn apart.  Sleep deprived zombie over here.  Well, the good news is Anna’s new room is coming together nicely so you will see it all together again soon!

I’m still climbing out of newborn-ness, so bear with me, folks.  And thank you so much for your love and support.  It means so much.


  1. Kristal Simel

    December 1st, 2016 at 7:00 am

    Can you give me the source for the carpet? Thank you very much.

  2. Jen

    December 1st, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Hello! You can find more about the carpet here: http://stagg-design.com/featured/selecting-modern-carpet/

  3. Anne

    December 1st, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Just beautiful. Enjoy this time sitting in that comfy chair with your sweet babe. This is what is important . This time when the children are young goes by way too fast. Speaking from experience here…there will be plenty of time later on to tackle all the projects.

  4. Kristal Simel

    December 1st, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Can you please give me the source for the carpet? Thank you.

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