April 8, 2014

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you’re having a wonderful week.  We are having downright delightful weather here in Salt Lake City and Ruby can’t get enough of it.  She is constantly pointing at the door saying “Out?  Wing?”  That’s toddler code for swing.  And I mean, who could say no to winging?  Not I.

Ok, on to today’s topic.  Today I’m sharing 5 tips for selling your stuff online.

5 tips for selling stuff online

One could say I’m a chronic online classified shopper.  It’s sort of like my nightly thing.  I rock Ruby to sleep, and in that window between when she dozes off and when she is deeply slumbering enough that it’s safe to sneak her in her crib, I browse.  KSL (a local news site I used to work at that offers a fabulous online classified section) and Craigslist make it all too easy with their phone apps.  And if you follow me on Instagram, you know when I find something amazing I can’t take advantage of, I’m happy to share it all with you using the hashtag #somebodybuythis.  And buy it you do.  I love when I hear you snagged one of the treasures I find and post!  But as someone who frequently views classifieds, I can often look past poor photos and terrible listings.  Most people can’t.  That’s why I’m sharing some advice for how to sell your stuff successfully and quickly online.

1)  Take good photos.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but the great majority of online listings have terrible photos.  Dark, grainy, bad angles, you name it.  I give you last night’s #somebodybuythis from my Instagram:


I mean, come on.  The couch is in a closet.  In the dark.  There are clothes hanging above it.  Not even a full wide shot of the couch, and the photos aren’t in focus.  I mean, I think the arms are wood?  You get the picture (see what I did there?).  Get some good, light, bright, clear photos of whatever you’re selling.  Get a lot of angles.  And post a minimum of four photos per item.  People like to see what they’re hoping to buy.

2)  Style it.  Most people don’t use their imaginations when shopping classifieds.  They need you to do the work for them.  You may have a beautiful table, but if it is photographed all alone on the cement in front of your house or in your garage, someone may have a harder time picturing it in their house, being used as a table should.


And I think it’s important to actually have the furniture standing upright in the photos.  Call me picky.


I mean, this next table looks pretty cool.  But, I have no idea what it looks like when it is actually like a table.  Sadly, the legs are propped against it, detached, and looking more like baseball bats than table legs.  Why?


3)  Be honest and clear in your listing.  If you’re dresser has a few scratches, post it in the listing.  If it’s in perfect condition, say so.  If you bought it at IKEA, don’t ask above your purchase price and expect a good response.  Tell shoppers exactly what they’re getting, and exactly what they’re not.  Missing a handle?  Needs a leg tightened?  All parts and manuals included?  Sweet.  When I list something, I always list a fair price and then when someone offers we well below what I paid or what it should sell for, I respectfully tell them thanks but no thanks.  I’m always willing to negotiate a little bit, but I know that when I list my item.

4)  When you list, be ready to respond to inquiries.  Nothing drives me bonkers more than when I find a great listing and the seller doesn’t respond.  I  mean, they listed it in hopes to sell it, right?  I found these amazing chairs listed a few days ago and the seller asked to text.  I texted.  No response. Three hours later, a response.  I texted back saying I would come and get them that night.  No response.  The next day, he said sorry, he sold them.  So annoying.  I prefer to interact with sellers/buyers via text so I always list that clearly in the post along with my number and name, not just at the bottom where it’s required.  You want to make it easy to find.

5)  Post and post and post again.  A lot of people list their stuff online.  As a result, your listing will quickly get bumped down, making it less likely a buyer will see it.   If it slips to page two or three, post it again.  It’s annoying, but it works.  And don’t be afraid to drop the price slightly with each new post.  It shows you’re motivated to sell.

In the past week, I’ve cleaned out my storage room and online classified listings have been my best friend.  It’s such an easy and quick way to get rid of things you don’t need/want, and put cash in your pocket.

Happy listing!

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  1. Carly says:

    What app are you using to buy and sell things?


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