September 24, 2013

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Ruby is sporting pig tails these days.  And they may just be the cutest things I have ever seen.  In fact, every morning when I put them in, I die from the adorable overload.  And you know what makes them even cuter?  Cute clips, I say.

I’m always on the lookout for said cute clips, and on one afternoon shopping trip to the grocery store, I made a sweep through the kid’s department to check on their cute clip inventory.  I came across some sweet little clips with pom poms on the ends.  They were so simple and I immediately thought “hey, I could make those!”  And so, I did.

They came together so quickly, I was able to make a bunch of different  styles and colors in 30 minutes flat.  Love a project you can start and finish in one sitting.

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Today, I’m sharing two easy clip bases.  If you have a decorative ribbon, all you have to do is cover the metal or you can add whatever embellishment you want on top.  Cute piggies for all!


I used two different types of clips: alligator, and snap.

Ribbon of choice

Small Pom Poms

1 felt square

Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Scissors

Paper bag to lay down as table protection

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1)  Start off by gluing the end of the ribbon to the inside on the spring side of the clip like this:

 photo IMG_6326_zps71a264db.jpg

2)  Squeeze a line of glue along top of clip, from spring down to tip, then press down ribbon.  Getting the right amount of glue takes a few tries.  Not too much, but not too little.   Quickly open clip, and press ribbon down on the inside on both sides.  One side will already be glued, as there is a space in between the metal and glue will ooze through to the other side.

 photo IMG_6327_zpse3c2b608.jpg

 photo IMG_6329_zps7f05cf91.jpg

3)  Keep clip closed and glue a line of glue along the remaining side of the clip, then press down ribbon.  Now all of the sides are glued.

4)  Clip the ribbon so there is a little extra hanging over.  Dot some glue on the remaining spring side, then fold ribbon over and voila– the entire clip is covered with ribbon.


1)  Cut two small circles out of felt.

2)  Glue the circles down on either side of the end, so they are stuck together.

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Glue down any embellishments you want.  I made some with poms, some with just cute ribbon.  I also made a few with bows, which I formed by gluing two sides of a ribbon together to make a loop, then wrapped another piece of ribbon around the middle to form a bow.  Simple knots are another option.

 photo IMG_6359_zps061b0fe6.jpg

 photo IMG_6361_zps5c2e84c5.jpg

SO easy and I love how all of them turned out!

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If you whip some up, I’d love to see how yours turn out.  Tag me on Instagram: @jenniferstagg and use the hashtag #5minhairclips

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

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  1. Jane says:

    Great tutorial! I had fun making some clips for my 14-month-old tonight – including a BYU-themed set 🙂 thanks!

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