December 31, 2013

2014 theme

Originally I had planned to post more about the bathroom progress today, but instead I decided to take a break from the remodeling posts and reflect on the year past, as well as the year to come.

I’ve always been a lover of the new year.  I’m a goal setter.  A checker-offer.  A resolution rejoicer.  I love making a list of goals, projects, and hopes for the year ahead, then checking each of them off as the year progresses.  Projects to finish, cleaning to do, races to run, the list goes on.  Jon and I always come up with a theme for our goals at New Year’s, and the goal I’ve settled on for 2014 is DO MORE GOOD.

2013 was a year full of change.  It was about making major life adjustments, setting new goals for the future, taking leaps of faith, and really narrowing my focus on the kind of person/mother/professional I want to be.  It was about taking control of my future, and looking ahead with optimism.  Many wonderful things happened in 2013, including the creation of this space on the internet.  I’m so grateful to have this place to use my talents, explore new parts of myself, and encourage growth, learning, and beauty with all of you.  Thank you for all of that.

In 2014, I simply want to do more good.  I want to learn more, give more, serve more, work more, live more, love more, cherish more, and savor everything this beautiful world has to offer… more.  I want to do/see/strive for more of the things that make me happy, that make others happy, and most importantly, give more of the very best parts of myself and my time to my precious Ruby and dear Jon.

Some of what I hope to accomplish I have no idea how to do.  That is both terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.  I am trying to let go of a bit of control and simply do good, and see what good comes to me.  Really, I just want to do whatever God has planned for me and I hope I can get out of the way of the right things, at the right time.

2014, I have high hopes for you.  Let’s do more good together.

Happy New Year!  What are your goals for the new year?

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  1. Shannon says:

    Aw Jen, I love this. I had no plans on doing a end of year post, but after reading so many great ones I had to jump onboard. I love the hope everyone has for the New Year. Here’s to doing more good in 2014.


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