Structural Changes to the Exterior

April 27, 2015

The #staggreno was built in 1970 but somewhere along the line, there were some changes to the home’s structure.  The owners added a pitched roof (that’s right, it was flat originally).  The neighborhood is on the bench (higher part of the Salt Lake Valley) and gets a whole lot of snow in the winter, so I’m grateful for the pitched roof (even though I do love a flat roof on a mid-century modern home), but one thing we didn’t love was the way they laid out the front porch and entrance.




It’s difficult to see with all of those overgrown trees in place, but the front of the house didn’t have any mid-century angles.  It was all kind of blah and vanilla.  We planned to dramatically change the entrance/front of the house and bring it into all of it’s mid-century modern glory.

Here is a mock up from our architect that shows the proposed structural changes for the exterior front of the house:

Screenshot 2015-04-27 22.26.14

The roof line in the front over the den window and front door was going to really change, adding vaulting to the ceiling and exposed corbels, or beams. This is a classic look for a mid-century modern home and our architect, Bryce Moulton, really made my vision come to life.

We also planned to expand the den window dramatically, as well as change the front door setup.

To change the roofline took a lot of work and planning.  The framers had to completely remove that section of roof and rebuild it in a new way.  They also had to pay close attention to every angle so water drains the right way, and make it structurally sound.  Talk about nerve-wracking, especially in the middle of winter when snowstorms were likely.


Yep, you can see right into the den and entryway.  Ahhhhhhh. You can also see that not-so-awesome wallpaper.

To create the vaulting and raise the ceiling height considerably, they had to add new trusses.

IMG_1010 IMG_1011 IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014

To get it all just right was pretty difficult.  It was all worth the headache.  The pitch is really neat from the inside and creates a really cool angle in the entryway, and another in the den.


It took several days to close everything in, but the transformation is pretty incredible.

IMG_1033Can’t wait to show you how different it all looks once the new bigger windows and front door went in!


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  1. Debbie says:

    I love the new look. However, I especially love the mountains behind your home. I was lucky enough to make my first visit to the Park City area 21 years ago and fell in love! Seriously in love! I was there hosting a sales meeting and we had a wonderful time. I’ve since taken my husband there….love the area.

  2. sarah dorsey says:

    What a difference!! It is going to look so good!

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