April 1, 2013

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When you have seven sisters, you’re no longer just siblings.  You’re a team.  You’re a group.  You’re a gang.  Meet our next sister submission:  The Chang Gang.

They are Haley, 32, Courtney, 30, Sydnee, 24, Kelsey, 23, Cherise, 21, and twins, Cassidy and Delanie, both 18 (their parents decided to try one…last…time for a boy and instead got two more girls!).

These ladies hail from Vancouver and Courtney submitted their story.  Growing up in such a large family of all estrogen has its challenges, but it also has its benefits… an increased wardrobe size, being both a pro and a con.  If you’re missing a clothing item, chances are it’s in a sister’s dirty laundry pile.

Get togethers are always loud, always fun, and always include humor at one sister’s expense.  They are a gang, after all– they gang up on each other from time to time.  But it’s all in good fun, of course.

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And these sisters have some serious moves.  For their mother’s 50th birthday celebration in Cuba, all seven went to a night club and danced to Whitney Houston.  If it’s a Chang party, it’s a dance party.

Courtney can’t imagine life without her sisters.

“I sometimes joke with my mom about what my life would be like if she stopped having kids after me, I would be a spoiled brat no doubt,” she said.  “Driving a nice car, living in a swanky neighborhood but I honestly wouldn’t trade any of them in for that life. It can be overwhelming to have a big family and we are butt heads like most siblings, but at the end of the day it’s a nice thought to know that there isn’t just one person you can turn to for help, there are 6! There will always be someone who’s got your back. We are the Chang Sisters, the Chang Gang! Love you guys & miss you!”

We’re winding down on sister submissions this week, and I’ve got an amazing submission series coming up….

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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