Playroom Built-in Plans, Doors, and Lighting

May 26, 2015

As we’ve been getting closer to moulding and shelving installations, I’ve been narrowing down exactly where I want all of the special details like built-in shelves, moulding accents, etc.  I knew right away I wanted built-ins around the new huge window in the den (previously the formal dining room), which we’re planning to use as a playroom for the girls.

After raising the roof (literally) and adding vaulting, the room has a really cool asymmetrical line happening along the ceiling.  Instead of cutting the built-ins off just below the slant, I want to build right into it.  Here are a few of the images giving me some inspiration.


Emily Henderson via Domino

Apartment Therapy

Screenshot 2015-05-26 21.32.43

Bright, Bold and Beautiful Blog

I knew I wanted a window seat for sure, some fun sconces, and plenty of space for books, toys, and knick-knacks.  I ended up choosing the L Sconce from Schoolhouse Electric which will be on either side of the inside of the shelves, as well as the Vega 3 Chandelier which will hang from the center of the room.

253.0070.nb_136 254.0079.nb_20_1

I’m really excited about the doors we have planned for this space.  I wanted something light and airy, yet something that would add a modern element and flow with the black windows.  I decided on black glass/wood library doors.  Glass french doors are typically pretty traditional in style so we had to special order something a bit more modern (of course). I picked something along these lines:


The room will have two french doors opening into it from the entryway and one single door which will lead to the kitchen area of the house.  I loved that the playroom in our last house was right off the kitchen so Ruby could play while I cooked and I could still keep an eye on her.  This home will have a similar setup.

I want to add in some vibrant pops of color, and I’m still working out all of the design details, but I’m so excited for this space.  I know the girls and I will spend a lot of time in here and I want it to be fun, relaxed, cheerful, and airy.  I think we’re on the right track!


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