The Plan: Exterior Backyard

December 15, 2014

My apologies for this post going up a couple days later than planned.  Is anyone else feeling like they’re drowning this holiday season?  Between the house, the toddler, the pregnancy, and holiday commitments, I’m feeling like I can’t keep up.  And I could use a nap… until March.

On to the breakdown of the backyard plans.  Last week I showed you the video reveal of the space as it currently looks, and today I’m talking more specifics about the changes we have in the works.

The layout of the backyard has to change pretty dramatically mostly due to two additions on either side of the house– one off the kitchen, and one off the master bedroom (more on those soon!).  Because of the additions, we’re also planning to switch up some of the exterior materials which will also add some interest to the home.  Rather than just being completely brick, it will be a mixture of materials.  We haven’t narrowed down the exterior quite yet, but I have a few different siding options I’m looking at that read more contemporary, since the home is modern.

The landscaping will also change pretty dramatically and the seemingly endless number of dead or oversized trees are coming down.  Jon and my sweet dad have been out there for days with their chain saws.  It’s already pretty incredible to see the difference.

The once space that I’m keeping in layout, not in design, is the back patio.  It will look pretty different because the home exterior is changing in that space, but the patio and the gorgeous tree that canopies it are staying in place.  I think this will be an amazing entertaining space and I can already envision us hosting a summer party out there.

I know I for sure want some kind of fire pit or fireplace out there.  I’m also planning to add some neat lighting, casual seating, and I’ll likely be re-using our beautiful dining set from our old deck out there.  I have dreams of an outdoor pizza oven, so I’m scheming a way to make that happen, but we’ll see if it works.

Here are a few inspiration photos to show you the direction I’m going:

Screenshot 2014-12-14 21.53.08


Screenshot 2014-12-14 21.52.39

Better Homes and Gardens

Screenshot 2014-12-14 21.51.23

Eric Olsen Design

Currently, the backyard is covered in a gorgeous layer of fresh snow.  It appears our good luck with the weather just ran out.  It’s going to be interesting working at the house this week.  Hope the contractors have some flannel!

Another space reveal this week as we move things indoors.  Get ready to be transported back in time to the 70’s!



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