Parade Home Master Bathroom

August 29, 2019

Ok, on to the next reveal: The Parade Home Master Bathroom. The bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom is minimalist, serene, and high contrast. We wanted it to feel styled, but not over styled; complete but not cluttered.

We pushed the builder a bit to go black on the backsplash (we didn’t have to push too hard. We are lucky he trusted our vision). The minute it went up we were all in love.

Bathrooms tend to feel cold with all the tile and this one really needed some warmth. That’s were all the wood accents came in, with the stump stool and live edge bath caddy.

The view from one room to another gets me every time. That flow was so important to us and I think we got the balance jussssst right. Blue Atlas Homes is a phenomenal design/build firm with real attention to detail and a unique perspective. I highly recommend them!

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  1. Megan says:

    Beautiful! Did you use polished chrome or polished nickel for the fixtures?

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