Modern Fall Mantle Styling

October 25, 2015

Happy week of Halloween!  I have never loved this holiday more, with Miss Ruby so wide-eyed and wonder-filled.  We’ve been packing in every bit of fall-festing we can and I have quite enjoyed filling my home with fall decor and accents.  Last year we were in the rental during construction and it just wasn’t the same.

The front living room is kind of sparse right now while we wait for furniture to arrive and also carefully select each piece that we put in it.  But, it’s also the first room you see when you walk in the front door so even though it’s mostly empty, dressing up the fireplace and creating a modern fall mantle makes it feel so much more like a home.


I found the perfect finishing touches from Zestt.  If you’re not familiar with them, you must check them out.  It’s a home decor company owned by two women (love a girl boss.)  Their products are exceptional quality and a really great price point.  They instantly make your home feel luxurious and give it the perfect balance of beauty and practicality.   AQ3J5896 AQ3J5911

That throw is a thick, super soft, sweater in the coolest geometric patter.  The felt box is ideal for storing everything from blankets and pillows to magazines, toys, books, and even a chic stow-away for diapers and wipes.

AQ3J5920 AQ3J5927 AQ3J5931 AQ3J5964 AQ3J5979 AQ3J5980 AQ3J5995

All photos by Veronica Reeve

The vases (1 & 2) paired with that adorable owl add a little bit of modern whimsy, and the dark blue vase is interesting and feels chic.  The greenery is actually an aspen tree shoot (read: weed) from my yard– pretty, eh?  And free!).

The thing I love most about this setup is that every single item (with the exception of the candy bowl) can be used year round, in a different way.  It’s versatile and simply by adding in a few pumpkins, it makes it feel very modernly fall.

Here’s the info about products used to create my fall mantle:

vases (1 & 2)

adorable owl

dark blue vase


felt box

Halloween is almost here, but I think I’ll switch out the candy bowl for something else and keep this look through Thanksgiving.

Happy Monday,


*this post is sponsored by Zestt

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  1. Jessica says:

    So pretty! Where did you get that candy bowl by the way? Love it! 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    So pretty! The simpler the better. I think I would have just used white pumpkins in the middle though for a monochromatic look. What are you guys having for dinner tonight?

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