Lighting Guide for the Kitchen

March 6, 2019

Some things about design are just head scratchers.  How high to do you hang a light?  How far apart do you put pendants?  We wanted to help with those questions in a clear and concise way, so we’ve been working on building our Stagg Design Guides section.  Today we’re excited to share our first of many guides: a Lighting Guide for the Kitchen. 

Good lighting is a big investment.  It’s also pretty intimating to hire and hang an expensive light fixture in sort of a precarious position, amiright?  There are all sorts of questions to answer: how many lights do I need above my island?  What size should they be?  How far apart?  What style?  And believe me, this is something you want to figure out long before you’re getting ready to hang them.

No matter the size, style, or budget of your space, many of the same rules apply when selecting and hanging lighting.  We wanted this guide to be a go-to reference for you when making those big decisions so you can get it right the first time.

Our Stagg Design Guides section of our site will answer these questions and more to help you put together professionally designed spaces, just as an interior designer would.  While we’re talking kitchen lights, we wanted to share some of our favorites.  Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite affordable kitchen pendants.

Lander Brass Pendant | Riston Adjustable Pendant | Loft Pendant | Soso Color Block | Globe Pendant | Glass Geo Pendant | Nadeau Pendant | Raine 3-Light Chandelier

This guide is a really great resource!  Click the button above for access to our Lighting Guide.  We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future guides.  Have a design question?  Let us know your questions and we’ll see if we can come up with some solutions!


Jen & the Stagg Design team

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