Legrand WiFi Lighting System (+ winner announced)

April 21, 2017

I love when companies come up with smart home products (no pun intended there).  Something that makes your home life just a little bit easier.  It’s an added bonus if it’s also pretty.  Our Legrand wifi lighting system fits the bill in both areas.

We’ve worked with Legrand before (remember the cool light switch and nightlight in Ruby’s room?) and each time I’m blown away by the quality of their products.  When they reached out to me to see if I had thought about a wifi lighting system before, I was thrilled to work with them again.

There were a lot of things that appealed to me about a Legrand wifi system.  First, I loved the idea of being able to control the lights in my home all from an app on my phone or tablet.

Secondly, I love that the lights are all touch on and off.  You can also adjust the mood for each room, just based on the lighting.  And I love love love the style of the switch plates.

We put together a little video to demonstrate how we’ve used it in our home.

video/editing: James Young

Not only is the Legrand lighting system a practical and beautiful addition to our home, I truly believe it increased our home’s value and made it cutting edge.  Thank you to Legrand for this partnership!

Ok, now let’s announce the winner of the Owlet!  (You can read all about our experience with Owlet and Vivienne’s scary hospital stay our experience with Owlet and Vivienne’s scary hospital stay)

Drumroll please….

Congrats to Cecily Olaveson who said:

With a new baby in our home, I see that having an Owlet monitor would not only give me peace of mind, but could be used to save the life of a sweet child. What a wonderful addition this would be for our family! So happy your beautiful girl is okay, and how neat that the Owlet was what alerted you to know there was a problem.

email me at jen@withheart.com to claim your prize!  And thank you to all who entered!

Ok folks, I’m working through a backlog of posts and projects and hope to get things a-moving soon.  This three kids pre-school and under ain’t for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

As always, thanks for following along.  It truly means so much!

*this post was sponsored by Legrand


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  1. Joan says:

    Nice video! Your family is so sweet. Was installation as easy as installing a new switch? Someone is always leaving the lights on in my house. I’d love to make this happen in my home.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you so much! Installation wasn’t bad, but coordinating all of the lights was a little tricky. We actually ended up having an electrician come in and fine tune it. But worth it, 100%!

  2. vijayso says:

    I wanted to contact the team i need contact details fo wifi lights instalation

  3. […] worked with this company before (remember Ruby’s nifty nightlight, our touch light switches, and automated lighting system?) so when they reached out to collaborate again I was thrilled.  I truly love every single thing […]

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