June 5, 2014

I historically have had what you could call a black thumb.  I have many talents, but killing plants may be near the top of the list.  This spring, however, I have challenged myself yet again to keep a poor plant alive and thriving.  So far I’m happy to report, my little collection of green friends are doing quite well.


My father gave me a beautiful orchid for my birthday in March.  This baby is happy as can be hanging out on my kitchen counter.  I know these are the easiest plants on the planet to care for, but it gives me great pride it’s doing so well on its diet of two-three ice cubes every other day.  The water melts slowly and trickles into the soil.   My kind of plant.

I have a little succulent that lives in the living room.  Also low maintenance and low watering requirements.  He seems quite comfortable in his new home.


I also have a little rosemary plant my sister gave me for Mother’s Day.  I love the smell of fresh rosemary!  And how cute is that frog pot?


The plant I’m possibly most pleased with is this little guy: a Begonia bulb I grew in a little terrarium.  Longfield Gardens sent it straight to my home, and Ruby had so much fun helping me plant it.  Everyday we have checked on it’s progress, watched it sprout up, and it’s ready for outside!  Go us!



The kit came with the bulb, soil, biodegradable pot, and terrarium.  It’s been so fun!  The folks at Longfield also sent over some Dahlia bulbs I have been nurturing outdoors in pots.  Here’s hoping they make it and bloom soon!

I’m tempted to try my hand at an indoor Fiddle Fig tree, but I’m nervous…. anyone have any luck/tips?

I’m curious what indoor plants you care for in your home.  I think live plants add somethings so special to your house– if you can keep them alive!  Ha!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m obsessed with live indoor plants right now. I have a yucca that is pretty easy to care for. I also got an indoor palm tree, but I think it’s on its last few days of life :(. Booooo, because I love palm trees!!

  2. I like the idea of indoor plants, but anything other than a succulent I tend to kill. Ha. I keep an aloe plant in the kitchen for burns and have a small planter of hens and chickens (succulent) in the living room. Yours look fabulous!

  3. Sabrina says:

    I have a house full of plants my advice – just ignore them^^ I sometimes kill mine on purpose so I can get a new one^^ They just wont die if I’m not trying real hard. Seriously I water them about every 1-2months like flooding them and than ignore them for another 1-2 months. Get yourself a papyrus can’t do anything wrong there the water has to stand in the pot if you don’t see the water anymore you have to water it 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    You lamp could almost be a terrarium, too! Love all the green!

  5. sydney85 says:

    I love using spathihyllums for indoors. They tell you when to water them when they droop. I have just started using Boskke containers for orchids. These are gorgeous. It is a self watering transparent planter and they come in several sizes. You only need to add water to the planter each month.


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