How to Shorten a Bamboo Shade (video)

August 23, 2015

how to shorten a bamboo shade

We’re over living in a fish bowl and have window treatments on the top of our list.  The windows in our great room are beautiful– my favorite in the house.  I wanted to add some warmth and texture to the room and had envisioned bamboo shades.  I had checked out some Home Decorators options available at Home Depot, and was pretty excited when they approached me and asked if I was interested in collaborating.

I selected a beautiful finish– the Bamboo Driftwood Flatware Shade— and after installing the first one realized they needed to be shortened.  No one likes a lot of bulk at the bottom of a shade.  By shortening it, the shade has a custom, finished look.

Anytime you’re working with a material like bamboo, it’s a little intimidating.  My mind can think of a gazillion things that could go wrong.  Good news is shortening it isn’t one of them.

I’ve broken down exactly how to shorten a bamboo shade in video form because some things are just easier to see in video than in print.  Am I right, people?

video/editing: Romero Media

The shades are one layer of window treatment I have planned for this room– can’t wait to show you the next level.


*Thank you to Lewis Hyman, Home Decorators, and Home Depot for sponsoring this video

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  1. G. Posey says:

    Thanks SOOOOO much for this tutorial Jen! I was hoping to hang bamboo shades in the bathroom but because the window is short, couldn’t find anything to fit them. This is a great solution–thanks!!!

  2. Daisy says:

    Jennifer please tell me the name and color of your backsplash and also the color of the walls and cabinets thank you:)

  3. emily says:

    fantastic tutorial! also, love seeing the peek of your house.

  4. Sheezuka says:

    Jennifer, where can we find the Home Decorators bamboo shade?

  5. Azka Chaudhary says:

    Jen, where can we find Home Decorators Collection bamboo shades? I have never seen these before, and totally love the look! It is so refreshingly different.

  6. Zara Mubeen says:

    Wow, that is a lot easier than I would have thought.

  7. Somia Mughal says:

    Jen, I LOVE this idea! That grey bamboo shade looks great with the black window trim in your keeping room.

  8. Lerry Steve says:

    Okay, now this is cool. I am taking down my white plantation shutters and going with bamboo too! Thanks for the tutorial on how to customize the length.

  9. Rai Sen says:

    Jen, Do you know what other window shade sizes that shade comes in? Where can I find Home Decorators? I googled it but didn’t find the bamboo shades like in your video.

  10. Shyzah Soharwerdi says:

    LOVE. 🙂

  11. Sara Cyan says:

    Jen, you make decorating everything look so easy. Your home is beautiful! LOVE IT! 🙂

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