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October 23, 2014

Our new renovation project is huge– much bigger than our last home, if you can believe it.  Because of that, we needed somewhere to live while some of the major changes are happening.  Enter the rental.

I don’t love renting.  Who does?  Well, some people do I suppose.  There are some benefits: no major commitments, low maintenance, etc.  But, I hate that you can’t usually change anything in the home and that it feels so impermanent.

We searched and searched and searched for a suitable rental and just seemed to be coming up short.  We had a few requirements:  it had to be fairly close to our new house so I could manage the project easily, it had to be somewhere we felt comfortable with Ruby, and we didn’t want to spend a fortune renting while we were spending money renovating.  Boy, did it prove to be difficult to find something within those guidelines.

Every single house seemed to be so expensive for terrible condition.  I mean, we’re landlords.  We own two rentals.  I can’t imagine leaving ours in the condition these were in, and for so much money!  Just when we were about to settle on one that I still wanted to cry over living in, we were browsing online one evening and found a town home.  It was only a year old and though it wasn’t perfect (no yard for Ruby to play, close to a busy street so we can hear road noise in some spots), it was cozy and cute and most importably clean and I knew we could make it work short term.

Here we go, a few photos (I thought I snapped more before we moved in, but couldn’t only find these two!  Not to worry, plenty of our stuff in it to come):

IMG_7638 IMG_7639

Oh don’t mind my lunch sitting on the counter.  I was getting the heat turned on and dropping off throw pillows shortly before the move.

The layout is a little awkward on the main floor.  There was no way the sectional in our family room was going to fit in that living area, so we brought the gray sofa from the front room instead. Pretty much every room we had to go through that process– what went with us to the rental, what went into storage.  We didn’t want it to feel cramped with too much furniture but at the same time, I didn’t want to just put everything in storage and risk it getting damaged or dirty.  It’s been interesting downsizing and trying to fit a 6 bedroom house into two bedrooms, one family room, a dining nook, and a laundry closet (and I mean closet).  It’s also been kind of a fun adventure and it feels cozy.  Not the color choices or finishes of my fancy, but pretty neutral and I know we can make it look great for the next little while.

Next week I’ll start showing you how we’ve used our existing furnishings in our temporary home.  All you renters out there, I’d love to hear how you make a rental your own while not being able to change much permanently!



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  1. Acacia says:

    Great open, modern space to work with!

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